GENTING HIGHLANDS, March 6 – The wait is finally over as Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park (Formerly Known as 20th Century Fox World) welcoming visitors in February 2022. We had an amazing 2 Days 1 Night trip to Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park which is South East Asia (SEA) most anticipated Theme Park which located at 6,000ft above sea level that cost S$1.06 Billion. 

It was developed across the 26 Acres Land and featuring 26 Rides and Attractions, that include nine movie and adventure-inspired ‘worlds’ Eagle Mountain, Central Park, Liberty Lane, Robots Rivet Town, Andromeda Base, Ice Age, Studio Plaza, Epic and Rio

The Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park is accordance with current SOPs to enhanced health and safety measures which guests are also advised to use their GeMCash, E-Wallets and Bank Cards for contactless payments, practice social distancing at all times, and always wear a face mask.

The adventure at Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park is not just limited to the unique array of rides and attractions but it’s ranging from thrilling roller coasters to exciting water rides including exciting mix of live entertainment, retail and dining which further enhance the theme park experience. 

Let us drive into the nine uniquely themed worlds, 

1. Studio Plaza – Where Adventures Begin at Studio Plaza, a beautiful art-deco prelude into the many other worlds that lie ahead. Inspired by the golden era of cinema, the iconic façade features creative elements which reflect a sense of cinematic grandeur, setting the tone for the excitement that awaits guests as they enter the theme park.

2. Eagle Mountain – Race to Victory at the “heat” of a Californian desert. This largely forgotten town is a hangout for bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts with electrifying energy and one of the hero rides of Genting SkyWorlds – is Mad Ramp Peak – Full Throttle Racing, the world’s first dual- powered coaster bike ride, weaving through the peaks and ravines of this iconic mountain landscape.

3. Central Park – You may Experience World-Class elaborate facades, colourful lighting and a vibrant music score. Whether it’s a visit to the Natural History Museum or watching the Stunning Fountain Show at the Lake of Dreams. Visitors may also visit into a world of wonder and amazement which is home to a selection of attractions including Night at the Museum: Midnight Mayhem – team up with the museum’s night guard on an action-packed 3D interactive ride protecting the unruly exhibits, ESD Global Defender – board a hybrid aerospace fighter for a heart-pounding flight through the galactic skies, and Independence Day: Defiance – with a backdrop set to one of the largest state-of-the-art projection dome screens, guests will board a ‘flying theatre’ to embark on an exhilarating space endeavor.

4. Rio – Vamos, Dançar, Rio! where visitors can enjoy the bustling neighborhood of Santa Teresa where fun, excitement and samba music fill the air with iconic characters for a spin on the larger-than-life double-decker carousel ride at Blue Sky Carousel which is special as it’s wheel chair friendly. Spin into a whirlwind of fun on the Rio Carnaval Chaos! Teacups ride and soar to new heights on the Samba Gliders, climbing 65 feet for the ultimate bird’s-eye view of every corner of Rio on this family roller coaster ride which is the middle scary games and suitable for beginners adventure.

5. Ice Age – The Coolest Adventure is a pre-historic adventure awaits! Join Sid and the herd in Ice Age: Expedition in the Thin Ice, as they journey through ice caverns, Geotopia and a flowing lava tunnel to find and save the lost campers of Campo De Sid. Acorn Adventure takes guests on a thrilling family roller coaster experience as the nutty Scrat goes in search of the mystical acorn around the icy  summit.  The fun continues at Sid’s Rock ‘N’ Slide, joining Sid and Diego for a motion-filled spinning log ride adventure. Meanwhile, the Mammoth Fun Zone promises big fun for the little ones with excitement and energy for children of all ages.

6. Epic – Explore the Hidden Kingdom and get ready for a grand adventure around the pint-sized whimsical world of Epic. Guests can begin at Bomba’s House where the indoor boat ride of Epic Voyage to Moonhaven will bring you through a tour with Mub and Grub. Join the Epic Hummingbird Flyers now and help to defend Queen Marigold’s magical seed pod from the Boggans!

7. Robots Rivet Town – Spin into Fun Times and enter the vibrant world of Robots Rivet Town and join the company of inventors onboard Bigweld’s Zeppelins, a soaring fleet of Zeppelins offering panoramic views of Robots Rivet Town. Hidden below is the Rivet Town Roller, an adventurous spinning ‘unicoaster’ ride that’s not for faint-hearted!

8. Liberty Lane – Excitement at Every Turn thriving neighborhood of Liberty Lane will feature unique stores, themed food outlets and the Invasion of the Planet of the Apes ride which will immerse guests in a pulse-pounding 3D ride featuring Caesar and other iconic primates in a battle for survival. 

9. Andromeda Base – The Search for Space is Just Beginning in this thrilling galactic world, guests will be put through various challenges including Terraform Tower Challenge, offering thrills and exhilaration of intergalactic proportions with breathtaking views from the top and a unique surprise at the start. The drill continues at Boot Camp Training, where physical obstacle courses challenge even the most agile space recruits. Alpha Fighter Pilots will take riders on a thrilling space battle of 360 multi-directional proportions.

Apart from these nine uniquely themed worlds, Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park are build with Wheel Chair Friendly and several OOTD Photo Spot. Therefore during our trip to Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park has been effected by rain which there is no Cover Up Pathway for visitors to walk from a world to another world during raining but visitors are able to purchase the raincoat at most Retail Shop in Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park. Outdoor attractions may be closed temporarily when there is a lightning risk.

Theme Park visitors of all types want to be online and ready to share their photos, videos and the thrills of their vacation on Social Media but when your battery starts to drain you will be looking for charger. Now you can easily charge your phone instantly at the Genting SkyWorlds Phone Charging Station Kiosk for RM 5.00 Per Hour which you can find it in Studio Plaza, Ice Age – Buck’s Cafe, Andromeda base, Central Park, Asteroid Arcade and SkyAvenue Gateway.

Lockers are available for rental in Genting SkyWorlds for Visitors to store their personal items at an affordable rate and it’s Free for the First Hour as you can find the lockers at Studio Plaza, Rio, Andromeda Base and SkyAvenue Gateway. 

Other than enjoying the rides, entertainment, visitors may also enjoy the food at Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park. First let us dive into Studio Plaza which you may start your day in the company of your favourite characters at Legends Cafe then you may drop by for the best Hong Kong bites at Han’s Cha Chaan Teng before heading into Genting SkyWorlds and Grab a bag of flavored popcorn at Popcornlicious before you set out to explore the theme park. 

Visitors may also enjoy Chicken or Beef Burger from the Funky Food Truck at Eagle Mountain and Harry Ramsden World Famous Fish & Chips at Central Park. There is Specialist Halal Restaurant with a Local and Middle Eastern Delights at Cosmic Cafe – Genting SkyWorlds. Visitors may stop by Buck’s Cafe which is Genting SkyWorlds’ Largest Restaurant for a Spread of Western, Asian Delights, Pork Free and Vegetarian.

Soy Gula Melaka @ Buck’s Cafe

As guest were encouraged to use the Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park Mobile App which is Southeast Asia’s First Virtual Queue (VQ) technology partnered with Alibaba. We had use the Genting SkyWorlds App to reserve preferred time slots for our favorite rides and attractions with VQ Reservations as it’s a comprehensive guide with real-time information with reminder notification enable.

The app had help us virtually navigate the park, giving us a head start to plan out our day and most importantly the technology which diminishing the long wait in physical lines and giving us to visit more attractions with preferred time as we can see the wait times for must-see shows, rides and attractions at a glance wherever you are.

In addition to the Virtual Queue (VQ), Visitors can create Boarding Group for Multiple Ticket Holders where we can have Group Virtual Queue, View Itineraries and Receive Real Time Alerts for Attraction Reservations. Visitors who doesn’t know how to plan their trip itinerary, the Genting SkyWorlds App will Recommended Itinerary curated from Your Personal Preferences to customize your Park Experience.

Genting SkyWorlds App Photo+, where we can download and share unlimited digital photo content with your family and friends instantly with just Register your Selfie to Receive and Preview all your Images or Videos taken by the ride-capture or slow-motion cameras, which are available at selected attractions.

To commemorate the Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park Soft Opening, Genting SkyWorlds is offering an inclusive of 20% discount from its published rates to book from 8 February to 31 March, 2022. Tickets are priced at RM 151.00 for Adults (OP: RM 189.00) and RM 128.00 (OP: RM 161.00) for Children (90 CM to 110 CM), Senior Citizens (Above 60 Years Old) and Visitors with Disabilities, While Toddlers (Under 90 CM) Enter for Free. The Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park Operation Hours is from 11 A.M. to 6 P.M.

In-addition Genting Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park promises endless fun for everyone in the family with 20 new rides including Family Rides, Adventure Rides and Thrill Rides in a convenient location at First World Plaza and adjacent to SkyAvenue which the operational hour is from 2PM to 9PM and for 1 Day Unlimited Ride Pass is at RM 62.

SkyVR a teleport to a different dimension where it cross the boundaries of time, distance and physical limitations with cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) technology to it an adventure at XD Theater which is an immersive, multi-dimensional experiences that keep you at the edge of your seat. 

VirtuGlobe which is a virtual journey in mysterious realms in this free-moving VR environment. Visitors may experience RoboCoaster where you will be airlifted by a “flying robot” and into an action packed 360 degree experience. And a must experience on Vortex which is ultra-realistic mission in a different dimension.

It’s An Amazing 2 Days 1 Night Experience to Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park! Are You Excited? If You Are, Book Your Tickets Now via Genting Official Website. For More Information, Visit Genting SkyWorlds Official Website and Social Media for Theme Park Opening Dates, Operation Hours, Pricing, Rides and Safety Information as below:-

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