PENANG, March 28 – Datuk Norliza Abdul Rahim refer to the press statement by the President of Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce (PCCC) which was published by Malaysiakini under the caption PCCC denies Penang Chinese community welcomes Najib’s visit’ and the statement by YB Teh Lai Hin, DAP Penang State Political Education Bureau Chairman and State Assemblyman for KOMTAR which was published by Nanyang Siang Pau under the caption Penang Chinese Town Hall leaders should reject Najib and refrained from attending the gathering’. Both statements were issued yesterday in respond to Dato’ Seri Najib’s visit.

I felt disgusted by the negative attitude of both leaders. PCCC does not represent the entire Chinese business community. PCCC does not represent the entire Penang as well. PCCC seems to represent only a tiny fraction of Penang Chinese business captains who are wealthy and well- connected. PCCC should be apolitical and concentrate on business related matters. PCCC’s statement appears to be the mouthpiece of DAP.

It is puzzling that PCCC wants to speak on moral high ground but was totally silent when one of their members who was found dead before appearing as witness in the undersea tunnel project which was related to corruption dealing involving government tender.

Teh Lai Hin in his statement criticised the presence of Penang Chinese Town Hall leaders at the gathering with Dato Sri Najib as crossing the bottom line of social ethics and principles. Such statement criticising those presence is uncalled for. It shows how petty DAP leaders can be.

Teh Lai Hin must be suffering from acute memory lapse. DAP, in particular Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng have been criticizing Tun Dr. Mahathir as a dictator, authoritarian, abuse of power, cronyism, etc. over the entire tenure of Tun Dr. Mahathir as PM for 22 years.

In the last general election, DAP went to town to convince the voters that Tun Dr. Mahathir was the savior of the nation. Can DAP claim to be principled and upholding social ethics? Teh should refrain from talking on moral high ground if he does not have one.

Dato Sri Najib’s strong appeal in the Chinese community in Penang has obviously caused sleepless nights to both PCCC and DAP.