BATU KAWAN, April 11 – This year marks the first year where families and loved ones can fully reunite and celebrate Raya the traditional way – in the comfort of our own homes, near or far. With Ramadan bazaars aplenty this year, why not get your traditional Raya favourites at IKEA instead? With an exclusive Ramadan and Raya menu available for a limited time only from 1 April – 31 May and fulfill your cravings for both sweet and savoury delicacies, throughout all four IKEA stores nationwide. 

Spanning across 3 weeks for the month of April from Monday – Thursday only (7.00pm – 9.30pm) IKEA Cheras, IKEA Damansara and IKEA Batu Kawan offers a limited-time only Raya buffet, ranging from appetizers, main dishes and of course, who can forget desserts as a sweet ending to a meal? Price per adult is RM29.90, whereas children from 4 – 12 years old is RM14.90. Good news, children under the age of 4 eat free!

Fret not, for those based in Johor, enjoy the Ramadan buffet from 11 April – 29 April, from 6.30pm – 9.00pm at IKEA Tebrau. Adults can enjoy the buffet from RM19.90 per head, whilst children from 4 – 12 years old can eat to their hearts content at RM10.90 per ahead. Children under 4 years old are in for a treat – it’s free! 

Inspired by a traditional favourite dish from Kelantan, here’s our take with a spicy twist with our Beef Keruntuk with Biryani rice. The delightful flavours from the beef keruntuk complement the smoky and savoury aroma from the biryani rice perfectly. 

Aromatic, and flavourful, another local favourite that stems from the East Coast is the chicken percik served with Biryani rice. Juicy, with bold flavours, one can’t go wrong with this dish! 

Lamb is another staple that is commonly served as part of the Raya celebrations. But this year, it’s served with a twist, complete black pepper sauce, with sides of mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables to make it a wholesome meal for Buka Puasa.

Lamb Chop with Black Pepper Sauce with Mashed Potato & Mixed Vegetables

Want a change from your traditional Raya favourites? Seek healthier alternatives such as our plant based rendang burger, tabbouleh salad or chicken wrap! If you’re craving something spicy with a local twist – here’s our take of a plant based rendang burger for you to enjoy. Inspired by traditional Malaysian flavours, our plant based rendang burger with fries brings together the best of both worlds! 

A light, healthy, refreshing option that makes for an ideal start for a Buka Puasa meal. It’s made from a flavourful blend of bulgur, herbs and lemon zest which gives you a good energy boost for the day as well, perfect for Sahur, too! Another nourishing option for those who don’t want something too heavy for Buka Puasa is the chicken kebab. The protein from the chicken meat will keep you full for longer, making it an ideal choice. 

What’s a Buka Puasa session without a sweet ending to things? Desserts include traditional classics with a slightly oh so modern twist – pandan cheesecake, kurma cake, fruit tarts and kuih bakar pandan. 

Craving something lighter to fill your tummies after a long day? Our exclusive dishes from the                IKEA Café (only available in Damansara, Cheras and Tebrau stores) are sure to hit the spot. These are classic dishes served up with a local, oh-so-slightly fiery twist. Quench your thirst with our local pandan infused drinks including the iced pandan caramel latte and pandan green apple slushie! 

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