PUTRAJAYA, April 14 – The Aidilfitri 2022 Special Financial Assistance announced by the Government on 5 April 2022 is for all eligible civil servants and retirees, including those who have not received a complete dose of COVID-19 immunization.

Following that, YAB Prime Minister Ismail Sabri have instructed the Director General of Public Service (KPPA) to repeal Article 6 (VI) in the Aidilfitri 2022 Special Financial Assistance circular dated 8 April 2022. However, other matters in the circular still apply.

The initial announcement by PM Ismail Sabri before never stated any payment exemption to any civil servant according to vaccination status. This is to ensure that no civil servant or retiree is eligible to receive this assistance from dropping out.

Although not mandatory, the Government calls on all Malaysian families to complete the dose of COVID-19 immunization injection for the sake of mutual well-being.