PUTRAJAYA, May 1 – Prime Minister YAB Ismail Sabri said he was able to celebrate Labor Day with the employees of the Malaysian Family this year. He wish Happy Labor Day to all workers in the country with the theme of this year’s celebration – “Malaysian Family Pillar Workers in National Rehabilitation.” This theme reflects the aspirations of unity, agreement and cooperation of the Malaysian Family to work together to restore the country’s economy after Covid-19.

Various initiatives have been implemented to ensure that Malaysian families can continue living such as the Wage Subsidy Program (PSU) and the Employment Retention Program (ERP). Under the PSU, a total of RM20.34 billion has been channeled to assist more than 350,000 employers nationwide. The initiative also helped retain 2.95 million workers in the employment sector. The government has always defended the rights of Malaysian Family workers including:

  • Approved amendments to the Employment Act 1955 which extended the period of maternity leave to 98 days and the granting of paternity leave for seven days.
  • Improving work and life practices to be more balanced (Work Life Balance) by reducing weekly working hours from 48 hours to 45 hours.
  • iTo encourage workers to be active in trade unions, the Trade Union Act 1959 is being amended and passed the first reading in the Dewan Rakyat on March 24 this year.

The Government through the Social Security Organization (SOCSO) has allocated a total of RM267 million to improve its operations involving the contribution rate and benefits offered. The ceiling of the insured monthly salary was increased from RM4,000 to RM5,000 which benefited a total of 9 million workers, especially SOCSO contributors nationwide.

The minimum rate of Retirement Pension paid to eligible Dependents has been increased from RM475 to RM550 per month which benefits 56,000 households. My dear Malaysian family, The reopening of borders provides space for the re-recruitment of foreign labor in certain sectors required by employers, especially in the 3D sector (dirty, dangerous and difficult).

However, this action is not intended to alienate local workers. A comprehensive mechanism will be devised to reduce dependence on foreign workers so that locals are given priority.The government has also launched the UPSkills Malaysia portal for employees to upgrade their skills and made it a single reference center that gathers information from 6,143 training providers covering 35 skill areas.

The government is adamant in protecting the rights of local and foreign workers, especially on issues related to forced labor. In this regard, the Government has ratified Protocol 29 of the International Labor Organization (ILO) as proof of the Government’s commitment to eliminate forced labor in the country.

This ratification is a proactive action by the Government in ensuring that Malaysian products and goods are no longer subject to restrictions on entering the international market due to the alleged use of forced labor in the production of goods in this country.

The Government has always appreciated the contribution of Malaysian Family employees. In conjunction with the celebration of Labor Day on 1 May 2022, which we celebrate in recognition of the contribution of workers in generating national progress, I am pleased to announce that the government agrees;

  • Target at least one million self-employed Malaysian family members to obtain insurance coverage under SOCSO through the Self-Employment Social Security Scheme. Under this program, the government will bear 80 percent of the amount to be contributed by the individuals concerned.
  • Mandating the provision of Workplace Nurseries in every public sector of the federal government, state government and Statutory Bodies before it is expanded to the private sector. The government has provided an annual grant of RM10 million in 2019 and RM30 million since 2020 for this initiative which will provide relief to workers with young children.
  • Malaysian Family Vehicle Insurance Financing Program, MyEzCover.com from 1 May. It is a financing package in installments of up to 10 months without any interest charges, offered to civil servants before being extended to the private sector. This program will be implemented by the Ministry of Human Resources in collaboration with SOCSO and Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan Malaysia Berhad (ANGKASA).
  • The minimum salary of RM1,500 effective May 1 is a gift to the workers for their tireless dedication in developing the country’s economy.
    Dear Malaysian family,

The Government is confident that the Malaysian Family workers will remain resilient and continue to be strategic partners in developing the country’s economy. Once again, he would like to express his deepest appreciation and wish Happy Labor Day to all the workers, leaders and members of the trade unions in this country. He would also like to wish Happy Hari Raya Aidilifitri to all Malaysian Muslim families, especially to the celebrated employees.

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