BAGAN, May 14 – The tragic news of a baby’s death in Klang reported by the local media is no longer foreign news. In fact, in recent times, unfortunate incidents involving infants and children have occurred everywhere, whether in the care of daycare centers, shelters, or nanny homes. The fact is that negligence can happen anywhere. As such, knowledge related to the care and handling of infants and children is important in ensuring their safety and well-being.

The Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development through the Department of Social Welfare makes the Basic Child Care Course (KAAK) compulsory. However, the effectiveness and number of caregivers running this course remains unclear. In addition, the lucrative course fee rates are run by third parties. The Ministry and related parties need to empower caregivers as much as possible, especially caregivers at home. This is important to build a social safety net while reducing parental anxiety.

MUDA Penang suggested the ministry to provide initial steps to professionalize childcare services. In addition, the government should provide more systematic infant and child care courses to parents or prospective parents. MUDA Penang also advised parents to research the personality of the nanny and ask about the experiences of other parents before sending children under the care of a nanny. Parents should also choose a nanny who is undergoing an accredited course.

In addition, the government should create more Neat and Unity Kindergartens. In addition, the government should work with the private sector to approve more workplace nurseries to please parents. MUDA Penang also expects due defense against all cases of neglect, torture and death that have occurred. MUDA Pulau Pinang sends its condolences to the family who have just lost their beloved child.