GEORGE TOWN, May 15 – The Gurney Wharf Project Groundbreaking Ceremony on this auspicious morning of May 14, 2022 with the presence of His Excellency Tuan Yang Terutama Tun Dato ‘Seri Utama Ahmad Fuzi bin Haji Abdul Razak, the Governor of Penang State. As informed by YB Jagdeep Singh the Gurney Wharf development initiative has been started since 2016 with a stakeholders engagement session with all stakeholders including the people of Penang to get views, input and feedback in terms of the needs as well as components of recreational areas needed by the communities in the state.

Despite being delayed for a while due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is the State Government’s commitment to realize one of the 68 promises in the ‘I ❤️ Penang’ Manifesto that we have promised to the people of Penang in 2018. And today, the State Government is very happy with the current developments that have enabled Penang to achieve 90 percent of the total manifesto promised to the people of the state as a whole.

In line with Penang Vision2030 – National Inspired Family -Based Smart and Green State, the State Government is committed to ensuring that the development of the reclaimed artificial coastal urban park project with an estimated 115.35 acres at Persiaran Gurney is on track to be realized successfully. The main intention of the State Government is for this project to benefit and be enjoyed by the people of Penang of various age groups to carry out social and family activities. We hope that with a project like this, it can strengthen family ties and improve the quality of life and productivity of the locals.

In the meantime, the State Government also took note of the matters arising, but I am sure the stakeholders in this project are aware of the situation, including ensuring the protection of the environment and the sea (marine) is a key aspect given emphasis during the stage. early planning of the project again.

With the appointment of qualified consultants and contractors, the State Government hopes that the relevant projects can be implemented more systematically and comply with the set specifications. In fact, we have also directed for the traffic flow in this area to be carefully planned to ensure the safety of everyone including pedestrians as this area receives high traffic flow throughout the day.

The State Government has also decided that the implementation of this project be implemented through an open tender to provide opportunities for more qualified contractors to be involved and be able to provide more competitive prices, of which five (5) tenders were opened for the appointment of Main Contractors for the implementation of Main Building Works and four (4) Nominated Sub Contractors consist of:

  • Garden Landscape Preparation Works (Soft Landscape);
  • Play Area Preparation Works (Skate Park & ​​Playground);
  • Coastal Engineering Works (Marine Engineering); and
  • Steel Roof Works.

For the Main Contractor – Main Building Works, the State Procurement Board led by the YB State Secretary together with the YB State Financial Officer and other Board members have examined and evaluated in detail the tender offer, and the State Government has agreed to appoint TETO Engineering Sdn . Bhd. as the Lead Contractor for the Gurney Wharf Project. While for the appointment of other sub -contractors it will be announced from time to time.

It is hoped that when the Gurney Wharf Development Project is completed, it will be another new attraction to the state as well as increase high quality added value, especially in giving spill over economy to the people around Persiaran Gurney and the people of Penang as a whole.