GEORGE TOWN, May 25 – In less than 24 hours, 2 cases of suicide attempts took place at the Penang Bridge. This is very sad and shows that the rate of suicide cases is increasing and the Penang Bridge has become one of the “hotspots” to end lives.

In general, economic problems and poverty are one of the causes of suicide cases. The cost of living and rising prices of goods have burdened the people. If we do not find a solution as soon as possible, suicide cases may soar again.

MUDA Penang recommends the good services of the authorities to set up a team that will study and investigate the causes of the increasing number of suicide cases in postandemic Malaysia and solutions related to this issue said Director of the Penang MUDA Health Bureau, Dr. Lim Yu Xiang.

In addition, the authorities can also work with NGOs to conduct mental health campaigns and mental health campaigns using platforms such as television, newspapers, Facebook and TikTok. The 24 -hour line for pre -suicide assistance should be increased further.

Cherish your life, for yourself and for your loved ones. Please contact Befrienders at 03-7627 2929 (24 hour line) visit the Befrienders website if you need mental assistance.