GEORGE TOWN, May 31 – Penang Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia Chairman Oh Tong Keong suggested that the Transport Ministry to study restoring ferry services in the state as an alternative route for people in Georgetown and North Seberang Perai (SPU) to commute between the mainland and the island to ease traffic congestion. at the Penang Bridge. He said, if the ferry service is restored, users can choose to use the ferry service if it is found that traffic congestion occurs on the Penang Bridge.

Especially on public holidays, users living in SPU and Georgetown can consider using the ferry service to avoid getting stuck in congestion. He said the Transport Ministry’s decision to terminate the ferry service at that time was a decision made in a hurry, not carefully planned. Authorities should allow two ferries to continue serving the people, specifically providing additional ferry services during peak hours.

He opined that, as a government, the interests of the people should take precedence over the issue of the cost of operating public transport. Governments around the world do not take into account the profits generated through public transport, instead focusing more on helping people move from one place to another.

According to our understanding, most developed countries around the world suffer losses in the operation of public transport, but the government continues to subsidize public transport services, they know that providing public transport services is not to generate profit but as one of the basic facilities for the people. ”

With that, he once again called on the federal and state governments to work together to study the restoration of ferry services. He suggested that ferry service hours be held during peak hours, which are from 6 am to 10 am and from 4 pm to 9 pm, He said, according to news reports, there were about 61,000 vehicles recorded crossing the Penang Bridge every day after cross-state was allowed.

And, before Covid-19 hit our country, there were about 1.7 million vehicles entering that part of the island. So, now the number of users will definitely increase on public holidays. Therefore, the problem of traffic congestion on the bridge can be reduced if the ferry service can be restored.

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