KUALA LUMPUR, June 14 – Garmin Malaysia has taken a step further in holding running clinics around major cities within Malaysia starting from the 5th of June to 31st of July 2022 as a supplementary initiative to prepare runners of all levels and abilities for the Garmin Run Asia Series 2022 – Malaysian Marathon happening in September.

Garmin Malaysia plans to engage local runners from different cities to train together in preparing them physically and mentally through running drills, training efficiencies and other activities. These sessions will be led by Akashah Izhar, a professional Garmin fitness and running coach who intends to guide participants through proper running forms, intervals, fartlek, max heart rate tests and all the essential running techniques before the big day.

Participants who are not joining the Garmin Marathon are also welcome to try out the sessions as Garmin Malaysia hopes to impart the knowledge and joy of running with as many as possible. Running Clinics Sessions & Schedule as below:

The above information is subject to changes. Those interested can refer to information updated on Garmin Malaysia’s (FB | IG) and the Garmin Run Club’s (FB | IG) nearing the event date.