GEORGE TOWN, June 20 – Penang Youth Development Corporation is organizing an open-mic session on the 3rd and 24thof July for youth in Penang who are interested in music and performing arts. Open-mic is an initiative under Youth with Rhythm which aims to provide opportunities and exposure for youth to showcase their music skills.

Open-mic at 1st Avenue will be the fourth session held by PYDC this year as it encourages our musicians to learn, be exposed, discover their talent, and build their confidence to perform live during this event. By providing a platform for musicians, this event will help to stimulate the music industry in Penang and contribute to music tourism in the future. Therefore, programs like open mic will create local music communities where young musicians are able to collaborate and learn from one another. 

The main objective of this program is to discover new talents and build a community for young musicians in order to produce more talented youth from Penang. Participants are free to showcase any kind of performing art in music; solo or in groups, in whatever style they choose to do, from reciting a poem to rapping, from playing instruments to singing.

The open-mic will be held at the main stage, lower ground floor, 1st Avenue Mall Penang on 3rd July and 24th July 2022 from 2.30 – 5.00 pm. The recruitment for open-mic is now open and eligible for youth in Penang aged 15 to 35 years old. Participants must be born in Penang or a residence of Penang for more than 3 years. The registration for this program can be made via the google form that has been provided. Registration link:

As music helps to bring people together from various walks of life, we welcome youth with any talent to come forward and perform as we socialize with one another. PYDC has successfully held three open-mic sessions before this in Forestero Café, Soundmaker studio, and 1st Avenue Penang and received overwhelming participation from young musicians such as Kozzy Band, Skillzow, Molika, Kwoh Dong, Afiq, Skillzow, Joanne, Cindy, Likynn, Eunice Seah, Chloe, Ryan, Akmal, Syazwani,