PUCHONG, July 4 – TMC Fertility and Women’s Specialist Centre has taken healthcare screening to a whole new level with the announcement of their new ground-breaking screening technology – Fertility GeneCode and My GeneCode. Fertility GeneCode is a comprehensive screening procedure that is particularly beneficial for couples who are considering IVF procedures and want to give it their best shot at the lowest possible cost.

This breakthrough screening procedure will scan your DNA for over 10,000 genetic disorders and hereditary cancer syndromes and will tell you how effective your fertility treatment is going to be, eliminating the need for trial-and-error. This technology aids in the diagnosis of infertility-causing genetic diseases such as PCOS in women and Azoospermia in men, as well as other genetic conditions that cause frequent miscarriages and alter reproductive organs and hormones.

Additionally, the screenings will look for conditions that prevent eggs from maturing properly. If you’ve attempted IVF treatments multiple times and have been unsuccessful, Fertility GeneCode will shed some light on the reasons behind those failed attempts.  If you’re not intending to become a parent but desire to improve your overall health, this screening procedure is also for you! TMC Fertility’s “My GeneCode”, is an extension of “Fertility GeneCode” that identifies an additional 195 genes responsible for transferring genetic health risks.

It examines diseases, diet and nutrition, skin, dementia and brain health, among other things, to help you identify problem areas in your life and make the necessary changes to live a better, healthier life. Ms. Irene Kwan, CEO of TMC Fertility & Women’s Specialist Centre said, “We believe in treating infertility holistically because no two patients are alike and many factors influence an individual’s decision regarding treatment. She added, At the end of the day, our centre aims to deliver the best possible outcome for our patients on their fertility journey.

Dr. Navdeep Singh Pannu, Medical Director at TMC Fertility & Women’s Specialist Centre who was also present at the press conference said, “Knowing the reasons behind your infertility will help you get the right kind of help you need, whether it’s emotional support or a medical intervention.” He added, “When you are able to identify the obstacles that keep you from achieving your dreams, you are able to easily overcome these obstacles.

TMC Fertility hopes that their breakthrough in healthcare screening will eventually change the future of fertility treatments and ultimately increase the overall pregnancy success rates in Malaysia. These procedures are now available at all six TMC Fertility & Women’s Specialist Centres throughout the country.