GEORGE TOWN, July 7 – Penang is a place that is rich with multi-cultural and historical buildings. Since 2008, the Penang George Town heritage area has been listed as a world heritage site. It is because this area has the best-displayed combination of multiculturalism and the history of Penang. As cultural awareness is slowly deteriorating among young people nowadays, this project aims to serve as a platform for college students so that they can show appreciation for the Pearl of the Orient. The cultivation of such awareness would enable them to cultivate their love and care towards the heritage.

Not only that, but Penang Heritage Video Competition also encourages the youth to be inspired, think creatively and utilise their video-editing skills; in line with the objectives of the Penang Heritage Video Competition, which are to ignite creativity, elevate communication and enhance soft skills in youth. In addition, this competition also serves as a platform which enables them to explore the rich and diversified heritage zone.

This event was successfully hosted by SENTRAL College Penang with the support of PYDC. There were a total of 52 participants from college. The champion of the Penang Heritage Video Competition was Ee Synn Ru, the first runner-up Jesslyn Ng Zjoo, and the second runner-up Mah Chun Ee. The 15 consolation prizes are Khor Yoong En, Lavanya Sangara Murthy, Marcelina Ng, Yu Lin Jessica Teoh, Khaw Yan Ru, Tan Pei Ting, Neoh Kah Yong, Thor Wei Liang, Tan Kah Boon, Lim Shu Hui, Wee Hui Chi, Lee Chia Yee, Ningels Ng, Yeong Yee Loon and Yuka Khor Wenyei and the prizes worth RM30 for each winner.

The videos were judged in terms of creativity and originality (30%), message content (30%), technical organization (sound and video quality) (20%) and the number of Facebook likes (20%). All winning entries can be viewed on Youtube Channel: Penang Youth Development Corporation (PYDC) by clicking on the playlist link Those who support Penang Youth Development Organization are welcome to subscribe, like and click on the bell notification.

The project manager – Cheah Zong Bin (student of Diploma in Business Studies) expressed his gratitude to SENTRAL College Penang and PYDC for their support towards this project as well as the advisor of the project, Dr Gan Kia Hui who continuously advised and guided his team throughout the execution of this project. He added that as cultural buildings tend to be affected whenever development takes place, therefore, he believes that every youth plays a role in creating awareness towards a positive change; be it small or big, to protect our Penang heritage area.

Attending the award ceremony, Dr. Gwee Sai Ling, Deputy General Manager of Penang Youth Development Corporation (PYDC) through her speech have mentioned, PYDC in any way will always give support to any initiative intended to develop youth holistically through collaboration to strengthen Penang’s youth in all areas with the vision of integrity, marketability, and competence and its mission to educate, cultivate and empower youth towards a holistic development.

She also added that through Penang Heritage Video Competition, participants could learn more about our heritage. It is very important for the youth to appreciate our heritage so they can continuously preserve it with her strong message, “Our heritage is our identity, our pride and our wealth.” She ended her speech by inviting all students and participants to join PYDC’s big family as ‘Penang Youth Volunteer’ to motivate the youth to explore their potential.