GEORGE TOWN, July 7 – Water supply services for about 48% of Penang’s registered water consumers affected by Sungai Dua WTP shutdown have been normalised as at 10.00am today. Water supply to consumers in the following key areas have been normalised in Penang Island including Daerah Timur Laut up to Bukit Dumbar, Sungai Pinang up to Balik Pulau town and for Seberang Perai is from Seberang Perai Utara up to Bukit Minyak.

Meanwhile, the water production capacity of the Sungai Dua Water Treatment Plant (WTP), Penang’s largest and most important WTP has reached 61%. At 8.00am yesterday (6.7.2022), the Sungai Dua WTP had to be temporarily shut down due to the abnormally high turbidity of incoming raw water from Sungai Muda. This emergency measure was necessary to prevent the production of unsafe treated water that is not compliant to the Drinking Water Quality Control parameters set by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. 

As a remedial measure, PBAPP immediately reduced abstraction of raw water from Sungai Muda and released raw water stored in the Mengkuang Dam to reduce the turbidity of the raw water in the Sungai Dua Canal which channels raw water to the Sungai Dua WTP. At 12.00 noon on 6.7.2022, when the turbidity of the raw water entering the plant reached an acceptable level, PBAPP restarted water production at the Sungai Dua WTP in stages.

Today, PBAPP will continue to ramp up production at the Sungai Dua WTP to reach an optimal level of 100% (or an average of 988 MLD – million litres per day) as soon as possible. PBAPP is targeting to achieve this objective by 10.00pm on 7.7.2022. The slight delay in restoring supply at Sungai Dua WTP is because of raw water turbidity issues at the WTP’s raw water intake point.

However, consumers in end-of-line (EOL) and higher ground areas throughout Penang may have to wait for a few additional hours for water supply to reach their premises at normal pressures. Meanwhile, PBAPP will continue to monitor the turbidity of water abstracted from Sungai Muda on a 24/7 basis. We will continue to draw down water from the Mengkuang Dam to ensure safe raw water turbidity levels for the Sungai Dua WTP. 

Please note that the duration of water supply disruption and restoration in the affected areas varies and depends on the location and water pressure in the water supply distribution system. Water supply to the affected consumers will be channelled in stages.