GEORGE TOWN, July 19 – After Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, brought by both Le French Film Festival and the George Town Festival 2022, the exhibition Le Corbusier’s Maquettes: The Representation of Modern Architecture comes to Penang. For this unique exhibition in Penang, the word Maquettes, which means “models” in French, was chosen to inspire visitors and bring the art of making models back to the traditional practice of appreciating architectural spaces using handmade models rather than computer-generated 3D renderings.

Dr. Azlinda Azman, Universiti Sains Malaysia Deputy Vice-Chancellor, defined architectural models as “a paintbrush to an artist, a musical instrument to a musician”. From the private collection of RT+Q Architects based in Singapore, co-founded by Mr Rene Tan, born in Penang, this exhibition presents 128 models produced by interns as part of their practical training.

The result is proof that “the work of Le Corbusier still resonates with young people today” as highlighted by Mrs Haryany Binti Mohamad, President of the Alliance Française of Penang. Le Corbusier believed that the old, chaotic and dilapidated cities should be demolished and replaced by orderly and rigorously planned metropolises. These should be centred around a central business district filled with glass and steel skyscrapers, occupied by corporate offices.

Smaller skyscrapers, set in the middle of a vast green space, would radiate outwards, with all the amenities residents might need within easy reach. His work has indeed marked a profound change in the approach to architecture on a global scale, redefining the housing needs of modern societies while fostering international cultural dialogue. As Mr Ooi Chok Yan, Chief Executive Officer of Penang Global Tourism also pointed out “17 buildings designed by Le Corbusier are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

They represent a masterpiece of human creative genius, providing an outstanding response to certain fundamental architectural and social challenges of the 20th century. The exhibition will take place from July 14 to July 24, 2022, and will be displayed at USM Create @ George Town – Arena Stage, UAB Building as a free-to-attend exhibition from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.