KUALA LUMPUR, August 22 – Motorola Solutions today celebrates its 50th anniversary in Malaysia, marking the company’s remarkable evolution from a small semiconductor operation in 1972 to becoming a leading provider of mission-critical technologies which the public safety and enterprise security sectors depend on every day. With its diverse combination of highly skilled engineering talent and close partnerships with future-focused customers.

Malaysia has provided a springboard for Motorola Solutions’ success locally as well as a gateway for the development of innovative solutions used all over the world. Public safety agencies including Royal Malaysia Police depend on a combination of Motorola Solutions’ integrated computer-aided dispatch, video management, command and control centre dispatch solutions as well as equipping its police cars with mission-critical voice communication and video systems to enable faster emergency response and greater incident awareness.

Enterprise organisations including MRT Corporation also use Motorola Solutions’ video security and mission-critical voice and data solutions. Throughout the global pandemic, the rail operator discovered new ways to use these solutions to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 while keeping daily services running safely and reliably. Motorola Solutions Malaysia’s diverse, 1700-strong workforce includes 1,100 engineers based at the company’s research and development (R&D) centre in Penang, around 40 per cent of which are women.

The Penang ‘Innoplex’ is Motorola Solutions’ second largest global R&D centre and employs leading talents in fields including industrial design, software, electronics, and mechanical engineering. In addition to its strong local workforce, the facility is home to a diverse melting pot of cultures from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan to name a few. Soloman Lorthu, vice president of Motorola Solutions’ Penang operations, said contributions from diverse and inclusive teams in Malaysia help to bring different perspectives and unlock industry-leading innovations.

Our highly talented and passionate local teams have delivered and supported many homegrown breakthroughs. This includes the next generation TETRA radio, the converged smart radio and Android device and the compact Avigilon H5A Modular Camera that provides exceptional video analytics and security in the most challenging environments, he said. As we look to the future, Motorola Solutions Malaysia will continue to provide even greater integration across its mission-critical ecosystem of voice communication, video security and software technologies to enable the public safety and enterprise security sectors to reach unrivalled levels of safety, security and performance, Lorthu said. 

One of the Mission Critical Communications which in a simple way to look at it as Wireless Radio or Any Other Enterprise Communication System, then the second pillar is Motorola Video Security and Access Control. So this is as the multiple strategic investments Motorola have made over the last few years, where they have invested in this space. Motorola have considerably grown its presence in video security and access control. And then the third pillar is the Software, which is the Command Centre Software. 

Looking at any mission critical operation, we have to bring all of these pillar together as you got communications, video and the analysis with control room or the command centre which combines all of the real time operations. And for sure we have management support services, that weaves around all of these three pillars. We look at ourselves as making the communities safer and we make businesses more productive and secure as we are not a consumer brand anymore, so we are no longer very visible to consumer said during the Press Briefing in Sheraton Petaling Jaya. Motorola are very active behind the scenes, making sure that you know, our key customers, for example the Royal Malaysia Police has been significant customer of Motorola for over 25 years. 

They depend on the technology that we provide the fact not only that they they contribute to the development of our technology roadmap as well, we’re working very closely with them, we understand the requirements better, and then make products and solutions that are more useful for customers like them. Similarly to MRT Corporation and Several Oil and Gas Companies including Logistic Companies. By forging strong connections with Malaysia’s academic and skills institutions as well as collaborative research bodies in Engineering, Science and Technology, Motorola Solutions is also helping to build the next generation of industry-ready talent. 

The company’s charitable and philanthropic arm, the Motorola Solutions Foundation, has donated USD $725,000 in the past five years to various charitable organisations in Malaysia to inspire and cultivate the next generation of engineers and inventors while promoting diversity and equitable access within the technology and engineering fields. Motorola is produce of the Research and Development Centres base in Penang which is R&D on the Next Generation Radio including Android Devices, AI Powered Video Analytics and Security Cameras which is Design, Developed and Manufactured in our beginning of the operation. 

There’s a lot of work to do within the Engineering Colleges and STEM Institutions to develop STEM Talent. Enhancing the Collaboration relationship within Penang Science Cluster and Motorola as part of Community in developing STEM Talent as students were taught by Industry Professionals and Engineers from industry. In 2019, the Pre Pandemic, Penang Science Cluster has impacted 133,000 Students in Connect with over 100 Makerspaces establish in schools. There is very significant recognition of contribution from Motorola Solutions contributing to the successful key factor.

During the interview with Mr Alex Oon which is the Penang Base Engineer who passionate about Amateur Radio and turn his Hobby into Career with Motorola for over 22 Years. Alex started his career with specialized in Cell Phone called IBM that has CPTP function that can Push To Talk and in 2009, he started working on Enterprise Radios Systems. He said Motorola provide flexibility in term of working time and habits. He remind the youths who want to be engineer that you are responsible for own growth. If you are not sure, reach out to someone to get the answers as many gurus are happy to talk to you.