JOHOR BAHRU, August 28 – Toppen Shopping Centre today unveiled its new Recycling & Buy-back Centre (RBBC) – a first for South Malaysia. The centre aims to encourage Johoreans to build stronger sustainable habits by providing a convenient and accessible space to drop off recyclable items. The RBBC is strategically located at Toppen’s P2 Green Entrance so shoppers and tenants can ‘shop and drop’ their recyclable items with ease.

The RBBC accepts various categories of recyclable items including cardboards, newspapers, books, papers, magazines, plastic, metal, aluminium, drink cartons, polystyrene, E-wastes, and textiles. Shoppers who use the RBBC platform will be rewarded with cash based on the quantity and rate of each recyclable item with a minimum weight of 1kg.  Toppen’s RBBC aims to provide a convenient recycling journey. Shoppers can proceed to the RBBC and the back-of-house team will weigh the materials and dispense payment accordingly.

Alternatively, a self-service drop-off station is provided. Any items collected that are non-recyclable will be disposed of and the balance will be segregated accordingly by the staff. Vasilisa Kuznetsova, General Manager of Toppen Shopping Centre, said, “On average, one Malaysian uses almost 17kg of plastic per year. This ends up in landfills polluting our oceans. By creating the first RBBC in Johor, we hope to encourage our shoppers to recycle.” She added, We want to enable our communities to enjoy active experiences and a large component in embracing a more sustainable lifestyle.

We are also making healthy living more accessible to many through our free sporting facilities at our rooftop, The Topp, and also regular Zumba and Yoga classes. Natasha Aziz, Ikano Centres’ Head of Customer Experience, said, “Sustainability has always been deep rooted within Ikano Centres’ business approach across our meeting places. With our meeting places being the heart and hub of our communities, we take our role in advocating sustainable practices with great passion.

We focus on many green initiatives across our portfolio – just last month we launched an upgraded, digitalised Recycling & Buy-back Centre at our meeting place in Damansara, IPC Shopping Centre. Other initiatives including upcycling hoarding materials into accessories and working with our tenants to share our sustainability vision. This newly launched RBBC at Toppen is a great example of our efforts to strengthen our commitment and to encourage Malaysians to create a greater impact on the people and the planet.

Toppen is the first shopping centre in Malaysia to achieve a Platinum Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification for its core and shell. The shopping centre was also developed with a focus on renewable energy with solar PV panels in place and a rainwater harvesting system to reduce potable water consumption.