My Beloved Malaysian Family,

Malaysia is now significant in the eyes of the world, and has even proven its economic achievements with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of 8.9 percent for the second quarter of this year. This recorded achievement is the best in Southeast Asia. Confidence in the country’s economy is also evident among international investors. For the first half of 2022, foreign direct investment (FDI) recorded a higher net direct flow worth RM 41.7 billion compared to RM 23.3 billion before the pandemic.

The momentum of economic recovery is not just GDP growth, but the recovery of the job market as the unemployment rate drops from 5.3 percent in May 2020 to 3.8 percent in June 2022. The encouraging economic development today is, among other things, the result of the fiscal policy that expands through the 2022 Budget, the monetary policy that remains accommodative as well as the full reopening of the economy and international borders.

Round ones don’t come rolling, flat ones don’t come floating. The grace and blessing of independence that we enjoy today is the result of the struggle of drops of blood, sweat and tears. There are countless lives lost and countless property losses in achieving a sense of independence. During the struggle against Portuguese, Dutch, English, and Japanese colonialism, many fighters who were loyal fell in defense of the country.

Names such as Mat Kilau, Datuk Dol Said, Tok Janggut, Datuk Bahaman, Tok Gajah, Rentap, Datuk Maharajalela, Dato’ Sagor, Haji Abdul Rahman Limbong, Datu Mat Salleh, Rosli Dhobi are among the figures who have sacrificed for their beloved homeland .

Mat Kilau once said; the struggle must be continued by the young generation, don’t let the homeland be pawned, don’t ever be easily squeezed until it splits in two. If you are religious, don’t just wear your clothes (Sharia), let your body be clean as well (reality). If you study, don’t just have knowledge, let your manners be strong as well. If you do charity, don’t just follow the verse, let it be surrounded by His secret. That is one of the mandates of Pahlawan Mat Kilau which can be used as a charm.

This kind of spirit needs to be polished to the new generation so that they know the history of the nation’s heroes while also making the nation’s leaders aware of the right path according to religious demands and teachings. The spirit and struggle that has existed since the beginning, continued to flow and was translated in the Independence Negotiations in 1956, in the City of London.

It is this value of independence that has succeeded in fostering unity among the Malaysian Family of multiple races, ethnicities and religions, as well as cross-cultural national integration across the Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak. No expression can be expressed to describe the admiration and gratitude for the struggle and sacrifices of previous national fighters including security personnel, military and police.

In this era of modernization, the form of colonization is no longer the same as the colonial era. Therefore, if we do not defend the independence fought for by the previous heroes, then history may repeat itself and we will be colonized again. The modern form of colonialism that is emerging now and all countries in the world are affected by it, namely new colonialism in the fields of economy, technology and culture. These external elements use various means to recolonize in more sophisticated forms.

Although the threat of this new colonialism is not physical, it is very dangerous and is the easiest way to rob the mind and identity of the nation, and is able to destroy a country. Only love for the country allows us to continue to work together and unite to defend the values ​​of peace, security and independence to develop and protect our sovereignty.

The customs of brothers, brothers are defended; Family customs, families are protected; The custom of living in a village, the village is guarded; National custom, national unity is prioritized; Indeed we are all one family; Malaysian families connecting heritage.

Welcome and celebrate National Day 2022. Malaysian Family – Strong Together. Dear my country! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!