To all the beloved people of Penang,

National Day is a ‘day of freedom’ celebrated by us as Malaysians and after two years of fighting on the battlefield of COVID-19, this year we are back ‘free’ to continue life in a better direction based on the spirit of patriotism so that we all can live united and full of harmony.

If in the past the spirit of struggle was from the aspect of opposing foreign colonialism that colonized our country, now the same spirit is poured into defending safety and health in the face of pandemic ‘colonization’ in order to continue the development of the country and also the state of Penang especially in order to realize the Penang Vision 2030.

In order to express love for the country, in Penang, various programs that are instruments of unifying the people are organized from time to time, in line with the spirit of love for the state through the Love PENANG campaign that has been launched. In fact, the Jalur Gemilang, which is a manifestation of grandeur and a universal instrument, should continue to be flown with pride thus fueling unity between multi-racial communities.

Dear Penang people,

The value of independence that is celebrated is not only independence from being colonized, but most importantly, the ability of all of us to live unitedly in a harmonious atmosphere within the country of Malaysia and also the beloved state of Penang. The real victory is not only to see all the people continue to live in a harmonious atmosphere, but also the development of the country and the state, especially in terms of infrastructure and economic growth for the benefit of all parties.

In general, the post-pandemic state of Penang shows an encouraging recovery process. Penang is once again the state of choice for either the tourism sector or economic development aspects. In order to guarantee harmony and well-being between races and religions here, we continue to commit to providing fair provision to all parties regardless of background, religion and even race.

As we move into the world of digitization, the history of the country’s independence needs to continue to be cherished. Express gratitude and be grateful for the blessing of this independence. Live the principles of Rukun Negara which apply pure values ​​based on peace, well-being, unity, loyalty to King and Country, be tolerant of each other so that we can all live in full harmony without any disputes.

Happy 65th National Day. Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka