ALOR SETAR, September 4 – PAS is ready to face political challenges by being guided by Islamic beliefs. Pas President, Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang admitted that there are currently many weaknesses and misconduct such as fraud or money politics. Therefore, PAS is ready to face the challenge. This is because PAS prioritizes a peaceful approach, preaching politics in addition to providing knowledge to the people who are immersed in Islamic ignorance or lag behind in their political understanding.

This is the duty to uphold Islam in the national aspect. PAS remains patient through a democratic approach in order to achieve a peaceful victory. Even though there are too many challenges to be faced, we believe in the promise of ALLAH SWT that Islam is a guide to prosperity in the world until the afterlife,” he said in the basic speech of the Pas President when officiating the 68th Central Pas Annual Summit at Pas Complex Kota Sarang Semut on Saturday.