GEORGE TOWN, September 23 – The Penang State Government will not dissolve the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) if the 15th General Election is held during the monsoon season which is expected to end this year. The Chief Minister of Penang, Chow Kon Yeow said, the process of carrying out the GE during the flood season is very inappropriate because it risks the safety of voters. “If it’s not the monsoon season, it’s a different story.

If it’s the monsoon season, we might not participate (in the general election) because it’s too high risk,” he said in a press conference at his office, in Komtar, on Tuesday. Kon Yeow who is also the Penang DAP Chairman said that the Central Government should be more aware of the situation and take into account the views of the people who certainly do not want the GE to be held during the flood season.

He said, it is certain that many will reject and criticize those who call for GE15 to be held in the monsoon season. “How will the campaign and the voting process be carried out in the event of a flood and it will definitely make it difficult for voters, staff who look after the ballot boxes and related parties. “The Central Government needs to listen to the voice of the people first before deciding to dissolve Parliament to make way for GE15,” he said.