BAYAN LEPAS, September 27 – In-Conjunction of World Congress Innovation and Technology 2022 (WCIT 2022) which was held in Setia SPICE Convention Centre, Penang, Malaysia, we have the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with Laiye which envision the future where businesses and people are transformed by the power of intelligent automation. Laiye are passionate about closing the work execution gap and work environment productivity which will effects organisation performance by making digital transformation with more than just a buzz-phrase with Missionary Monitor, Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automations.

Laiye which started in China and expanded to Singapore last year as the Asia Pacific Quarter and with over the last 18 months, Laiye had expended to US,  European countries including Middle East and Africa (EMEA) with establishing AI Hubs in Paris and Beijing. Laiye have Offices and R&D Hub in London, Paris, Mexico City, Singapore and Shanghai and providing 24/7 Local Technical Team which is the best in class services with the entire automation platform is capable of on-premise deployment to avoid Data Leakage, with complete auditability of Bots, Users, Processes, and Environment to over 600 Channel Partners.

In April 2022, Laiye had just completed Series of C Funding which amounted about 160 Million US Dollars with the key objective is to spur the market with mix of technology of Democratising AI Automation and Algorithm Technology in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) Machine in Solving and Creating a reliable digital worker who can read, write, and even “think” to help your people get rid of tedious work in your operational and process and focus on more meaningful and creative work as well improving your speed, efficiency, cashflow and customer satisfaction said General Manager, Asia Pacific Gary Saw Kay Hooi.

During the interview, Saw mention about Chat Bot where it’s a computer program designed to respond to human, but just look at how things work on the market right now? One thing for sure is that these intelligent virtual assistants may prone to misread (or just miss) important words, tone and humour in what we are saying even Chat Bot may have improved over the years but they are still basic computer programmed communicators that make many people hate and people just want to talk to a human.

As we move forward to the future Chat Bots should be ethical responsibility to avoid confusion when chatting with human. With Laiye Natural Language Processing (NLP) Machine, it will understand your question in the context like keywords, questions and straight away provide the answer. This is what basically Laiye trying to do as you can pass multiple question to the Chat Bots without missing even you spell the word not correctly or misspell it.

Laiye will partner with Malaysia Digital Economic Corporation (MDEC) to make Intelligent Automation (IA) as this is also aligned in Malaysia 2023 Budget where the government is working on Automation and Digital Transformation. Currently Laiye works with Malaysia RAMSSOL Group Berhad as a training partner for Intelligent Automation Technology across South East Asia (SEA) and aim to help talents prepare for future work through reskilling and digital transformation.