KUALA LUMPUR, December 20 – The highly-anticipated MAYDAY world tour concert is finally coming to Malaysia tomeet all fans, so turn up your excitement in no time! Dubbed the Chinese mega-band, MAYDAY last performed here in 2017 and packed the Stadium Merdeka with over 25,000 crowd. After being away from Malaysia for more than 5 years, MAYDAY will return to reconnect with fans with their new tour, titled “Fly to 2023”.

To be organized by Star Planet, the Mayday “Fly to 2023” World Tour in Malaysia concert is slated to be held at the notable Bukit Jalil National Stadium on 11 February 2023 at 8pm. For the past two years and more, MAYDAY’s world tour concerts endured a few rounds of postponement. The soft rockband is eager to meet fellow fans as much as the fans do after the pandemic long haul. Hence, with much anticipation, world tour concerts resumed in November 2022 as the pandemic gradually resolved. 

The United States and Singapore were among the first few stops which drew overwhelming response. And this long-awaited Malaysia gig in Bukit Jalil National Stadium, which can cater up to 100,000 audiences will be a massive comeback. Involving a spectacular custom-built stage and multi-million huge production, this upcoming concert is surelya can’t-miss extravaganza for any MAYDAY fan! MAYDAY, consisting of lead vocalist Ashin, bassist Masa, drummer Guan You and guitarists Stone and Monster, appeals across a spectrum of listeners.

While they’re on the cusp of middle age, the band members have a boyish charm to them that attracts both new and old listeners to their music over two decades. Though their fame is limited in scope primarily to the East Asian music market, MADAY remains one of the world’s best-selling bands. More ticket-related information will be released soon. Please stay tuned to www.starplanet.com.my for concert updates. -end-