KOTA KINABALU, January 21 – In conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration, Agrobank today launched the CNY Huat Ah Campaign which was completed by YB Chan Foong Hin, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Security which aims to foster good financial management through storage services in Agrobank. This Huat Ah campaign highlights two mini-campaigns* namely (i) RM888 Angpau Win Campaign Deposit Bonanza and (ii) FRIA-i Extravaganza Campaign which is one of Agrobank’s initiatives to foster a smart spending culture.

To encourage the practice of saving, customers can generate profit through term savings with a competitive profit rate of 4.25% for a twelve-month period through the FRIA-i Extravaganza Campaign and savings accounts through the RM888 Angpau Win Campaign Deposit Bonanza. According to Datuk Yunos Abd Ghani, Chairman of Agrobank, “Agrobank always provides encouragement and guidance to customers and stakeholders, especially in managing finances because good financial management can help in generating income and monitoring business cash flow.”

“Huat means ‘prosperity’ Agrobank believes that customers have the determination to have financial prosperity and ‘financial freedom’ to secure a better future. Aware of the importance of this effort, Agrobank introduced the Huat Ah Campaign specifically to encourage customers to save through term deposits at Agrobank,” he said. Speaking about the Huat Ah Campaign, YB Chan Foong Hin said, “Agrobank’s services are not only limited to financing to drive the agro-food sector, it also covers various other consumer products such as term savings, takaful, will management and others.

The B40 group and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are among those that are easily affected by any impact from economic uncertainty, therefore, Agrobank’s initiative through the Huat Ah Campaign coincides with fostering a culture of saving among our society.” Earlier, Agrobank organized the ‘Huat Ah Shopping Spree’ program, a first-time initiative held under corporate social responsibility (CSR) which aims to ease the burden of Chinese National Type School students from B40 family backgrounds around Kota Kinabalu ahead of the New Year celebrations Chinese new.

Also present at the launch of the Huat Ah Campaign was Dato’ Tengku Ahmad Badli Shah Raja Hussin, President / Chief Executive Officer of Agrobank and Mr. Abszra Davadason Peter, Chief Assistant Secretary (Policy), Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security. For more information on the Huat Ah Campaign, please visit Agrobank’s website

Angpau Win Campaign RM888 – Deposit Bonanza

  • Starting on January 18, 2023 until February 28, 2023.
  • Open to all new and existing Agrobank customers with deposits minimum as low as RM1,000 for individuals and RM3,000 for non-individuals.
  • 8 Winners will be selected through a lucky draw and will receive an angpau RM888 per person.
  • For customers who continue their savings until 31 March 2023, they will stand a chance to win a Proton X50 for the main lucky draw of the Deposit Bonanza Campaign.

FRIA-i Extravaganza Campaign

  • Open to all new and existing Agrobank customers with a minimum deposit of RM5,000 and a maximum of RM2,000,000.
  • Profit rate of 4.25% for a period of twelve months.
  • This campaign is currently starting and ending on February 24, 2023.
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