KUALA LUMPUR, January 23 – As MIRA Party President, I welcome the recent announcement regarding the approval of a RM40 million grant for Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology (TAR UMT), which was previously known as Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC). As a staunch believer that education changes life, I welcome the idea that many students will be benefiting from this grant. But what perplexes me here is why a well to do and well-funded education institution as TAR UMT is granted such a big amount.

There are many colleges out there that would strive to create more graduates but are deprived of the funds to do so compared to TAR UMT. Why the need to fund an already well-established education institute is what my question is about. Well, RM40 million can go a long way for many poor students who are struggling in this country. This gives rise to the question as to why they need this fund when the College is rich and self- funding being a private college?

A sum of RM40 million can go a long way for many poor students in this country who are struggling to make ends meet. It is not my intention to question the allocation to TAR UMT but merely raising the question as to what are the criteria and procedures that qualifies an education institute to be granted sum to propel their institute to greater heights. I am raising this question on the behalf of the many prospective students out there.

This is because as the president leading the Minorities Rights Action Party, I believe there are more deserving student’s out there who need education funding from the government to continue and complete their education successfully. I humbly request the government to set up a body upholding the minorities rights of the people in this country, and yearly funding is allocated to make sure that the minorities in this country are not deprived of any allocation which they deserve in their well-being, welfare, development and education.

We do not want similar fund to be given to another political run university, it should be under JPM for poor & minorities group like the MARA , it is time to setup long overdue Minority Affairs Dept to manage and deliver the needs timely and with proper accountability. After all, this is what Kerajaan Perpaduan should really be about where no one is left behind, especially in education matters.