JOHOR, March 5 – The flood situation in several states is becoming increasingly worrying with the number of victims placed in temporary evacuation centers (PPS) across the country increasing to 48,989 people as of this morning. Johor continued to record the highest number of victims at 44,860 followed by Pahang (2,978), Negeri Sembilan (587), Melaka (493) and Selangor (71).

In Johor, the State Disaster Management Committee (JPBN) through a statement informed that a total of 13,029 families have been placed in 260 PPS in 10 districts affected by the disaster. According to the JPBN statement, Batu Pahat is one of the districts with the most residents severely affected by the floods with a total of 14,030 people from 4,084 families, followed by Segamat with 13,334 people (3,897 families) and Kluang, 5,296 victims (1,533 families).

In Pahang, the JPBN Secretariat reported the number of flood victims this morning as 2,978 people compared to 2,860 people last night, who were placed in 23 PPS. Rompin District continues to record the most victims which is 2,615 people in 20 PPS followed by Temerloh (305 people, one PPS) and 29 victims each in a PPS in Bera and Maran. In Melaka, the number of victims increased to 493 people from 134 families as of 8 this morning compared to 448 victims from 118 families at 8 last night.

The JPBN Secretariat in a statement said all the affected victims were placed in four PPS in Jasin district, that is 477 people from 127 families, while in Alor Gajah 16 victims from seven families were placed in a PPS. In Selangor, the number of flood victims recorded an increase to 71 people from 17 families as of this morning compared to 58 people from 14 families yesterday following the heavy rain that occurred early this morning.

According to the JPBN, the Selangor Civil Defense Force (APM) reported that two PPS, namely SK Merbau Sempak and Dewan MPKS Desa Coalfields, Sungai Buloh are still open to accommodate the flood victims. In Negeri Sembilan, Director of the Malaysian Civil Defense Force (APM) Negeri Sembilan, Lieutenant Colonel (PA) Mohd Nazri Mes Kam said the number of flood victims in the state continued to record a decrease to 587 people involving 148 families in four PPS in Tampin, as of 8 am this. – BERNAMA

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