KUALA LUMPUR, March 13 – A new sound is hitting the music scene, and it’s coming from rising band, Jaki-Brashga. This alternative folk-rock ensemble is the brainchild of Malaysian singer-songwriter Brendan de Cruz, who has brought together a group of the country’s best musicians to drive a new and unique direction for his sound. Blending de Cruz’s soulful, folk elements with modern rock influences, Jaki-Brashga is creating a sound that is both immersive and transportive.

The band’s music is driven by de Cruz’s powerful lyrics and soulful voice, now supported by the dynamic instrumentals from the rest of the group. The result is a moving and electric sound, with an underlying message of love and humanity that is sure to resonate with audiences of all creeds and ages. Brendan de Cruz’s passion for music is plain to see. Over the past decade, he has independently built his musical presence from the ground up, establishing himself as a prominent singer-songwriter in Malaysia’s music scene.

Jaki-Brashga is the latest expression of de Cruz’s passion and the beginning of his paradigm shift into big-sound productions. The band has already gained an ardent fan base with its live performances, and its debut concert is sure to draw even more fans. “I’ve always believed that music is a journey, and Jaki-Brashga is the next, thrilling step in mine. With this incredible group of musicians, we’re forging a new path for my sound, blending the soulful melodies of folk with the raw energy of rock.

I can’t wait to share our music with the world,” says de Cruz. Ashwin Gobinath, drummer and co-producer of Jaki-Brashga’s sound, adds, “Working with Brendan and the rest of Jaki-Brashga has been a thrilling journey of experimentation and innovation, and it’s been amazing to see the creative chemistry that’s emerged between us. With Jaki-Brashga, we’re pushing the boundaries of what folk and rock can do together, and I think audiences are going to be blown away by the results.”

Other members of the band are, Jamie Gunter holding the groove on bass, six-stringed virtuoso Kieran Jumawan as lead guitarist, and synthscape extraordinaire Gabriel Januarius on keyboards. The launch of Jaki Brashga is an exciting development for fans of folk and rock music. The band’s unique sound and heartfelt lyrics are sure to make a lasting impact on the music scene. For a taste of the band’s sound, Jaki-Brashga’s debut single “What Did You Do”, has been released on all streaming platforms today.

The song, penned by de Cruz, is a powerful exploration of the impact that human relationships can have on our lives. Fresh on the ears, ‘What Did You Do’ is said to captivate and transport listeners to a place of introspection and self-discovery as it explores how relationships have the potential to shape our lives. Listen to it here.

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