HTC VIVE HTC International Electronics Co., Ltd.’s content brand VIVE ORIGINALS will exclusively expose the VR experience version of the latest immersive metaverse drama “Lights on the Future Edition: Little Red Riding Hood Killing Song” at the MWC Barcelona exhibition. Adapted from the well-known Asian Netflix drama “The First Blossom” that was hotly discussed at the end of 2021, the future version of Metaverse is shot with volumetric photography technology, combining puzzle solving games and concert elements.

By wearing HTC’s latest XR device VIVE XR Elite, the experiencer can follow the actor Explore the cyberpunk world of androids 600 years in the future. After MWC, VIVE ORIGINALS will release the computer version in March, allowing audiences around the world to enter the Metaverse to experience the works with their computer devices. Lights on the Future Edition: Little Red Riding Hood Killing Song” is a new type of entertainment work launched by VIVE ORIGINALS on BEATDAY, its Metaverse entertainment platform. In 2021, the BEATDAY platform pioneered the combination of volumetric photography and interactive elements, and launched a series of metaverse concerts in Asia.

Which received enthusiastic responses. In 2022, VIVE ORIGINALS will immediately launch the “BEATPARK Future Zone” on the platform, creating a huge cyberpunk world based on the concept of a metaverse amusement park. In 2022, the closed beta version of the world’s first music metaverse “BEATDAY” VR holographic concert has entered the international market, and has been affirmed by the world’s largest creative content event “South by Southwest” (SXSW) in the United States, becoming the world’s first.

Join hands with Taiwan’s popular band “Meixiu Group” and combine volumetric photography technology to create a unique immersive holographic concert. It was selected into the global index international innovation exhibition SXSW “XR Experience” unit, which was favored by the judges and won the glory of voice. Music fans not only transform themselves into virtual characters created by themselves, but can also interact with their idols at close range. Combining surreal sound and light effects and a future dystopian digital world, various senses are intertwined and vibrating. The new form of music experience has attracted great attention from the international media.

Adapted from a well-known IP in Asia, “Lights on the Future Edition: Little Red Riding Hood Killing Song” is the first drama work of “BEATPARK Future Zone”. At the end of 2021, Netflix invested in the Taiwanese drama “The First Blossom”, which is set in the colorful Taiwanese Japanese-style strip culture and the tight plot with hidden suspense and murder. Viewership data and word-of-mouth evaluation. The trilogy, with its intricate, love-hate plots, and the special culture of feasting and feasting, not only set off an annual hot topic in Asian Chinese-speaking and non-Chinese-speaking regions, but also was shortlisted for the 11 Golden Bell Awards in 2022.

Certainly, it has become a representative model of Taiwanese dramas in the world in recent years. The background time and space are reshaped in the BEATDAY universe from the original retro early 1980s, traveling to the future Tiaotong culture 600 years later. In the future, VIVE ORIGINALS hopes to form alliances with well-known entertainment IPs across borders to develop more innovative entertainment experiences on the Metaverse platform, so that the full-platform experience of entertainment IPs can be extended to the Metaverse, and virtual consumption can truly come into reality.

“BEATPARK Future Zone” premiered theatrical work “Lights on the Future Edition: Little Red Riding Hood Killing Song”, combined with the VR holographic concerts that have attracted attention both at home and abroad in recent years, invited the new generation of super popular female singer Wu Zhuoyuan to land in the metaverse world. Julia Wu, a popular songwriter and talented singer, has attracted a large number of loyal music fans across ages and nationalities in Asian Chinese and non-Chinese speaking circles because she has participated in the reality shows of Australia’s X Factor and South Korea’s top ratings.

With her eye-catching appearance and independent and bold music style, she is known as the “Goddess of Villagers” of the new generation. Cooperating with many Taiwanese hip-hop singers, classic hit songs occupy the top ten streaming music platforms and KTV charts, coupled with the cross-music genres of classical music but hip-hop and electronic music, every album will detonate topics, strong Established the strongest female voice in the Chinese music circle, and became a popular must-listen and must-follow singer in both mainstream and independent music.

And this time, “The Future Edition: Little Red Riding Hood Killing Song” not only allows the audience to experience the important role in the play, but also walk through it to feel the tense and suspenseful interactive plot. Music fans and drama fans will have the opportunity to interact with their beloved idols in this meta-universe sensory feast! Liu Siming, general manager of HTC VIVE ORIGINALS, said that “Lights on the Future Edition: Little Red Riding Hood Killing Song” is not only a collection of ten major production processes including VR technology, 3D motion capture, concerts, and movie animation production.

But also committed to improving the ecology of metaverse entertainment consumption. Tie. At present, the BEATDAY platform has successfully cooperated with several multinational advertising agencies to establish a branded metaverse concept store in the mall and drama content on the platform, and at the same time place advertisements and shopping guides. This complete business model is expected to accelerate the extension of metaverse tentacles into the metaverse world by different brands and industries.

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