KUALA LUMPUR, March 18 – With the holy month of Ramadan just around the corner, Secret Recipe has launched an exciting range of delicacies to celebrate the special occasion. Inspired by cherished local cuisine, with a dash of contemporary gastronomical flair, Secret Recipe’s Ramadan and Raya series is bound to satisfy your cravings for wholesome and nourishing fare befitting this blessed month.

This year’s Ramadan and Raya menu features variations of an ever-popular seasonal favourite: Nasi Kerabu Specials. Created in collaboration with celebrity chef Anis Nabilah, the new specials feature three dishes where the strikingly blue-hued dish takes centre stage. In addition to staying true to the rich delectable taste of Nasi Kerabu, these dishes were also carefully created to offer a healthy alternative — without compromising on flavour.

First on the menu is the Nasi Kerabu which distils the herbed rice offering in its simplest and flavourful form. It includes blue pea-infused rice alongside fresh vegetables, fish crackers, salted egg, coconut sauce and sambal. Meanwhile, the Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik serves up the blue Kerabu rice and colourful sides with a succulent grilled chicken thigh, topped with the spicy tang of Percik sauce. Finally, the Nasi Kerabu Ikan Saba Percik offers grilled mackerel slathered in Percik sauce, to match the blue aromatic rice and spread of sides.

To complement these mouth-watering offerings, Anis Nabilah has also created two new unique beverages for Secret Recipe patrons. The Kurma Calamansi Fizz pairs the mild sweetness of dates with the energising zest of calamansi, while the Onde Onde Frappe is a rich coconut-based concoction inspired by the traditional dessert it is named after. Crafted with experimental foodies in mind, these beverages move away from the usual over-sweetened fare to offer a more refreshing experience.

“As Malaysians, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to food. This Ramadan and Raya season, we are pleased to bring back one of our best-selling festive dishes and all-time favourite Raya menu – the Nasi Kerabu Specials, with a special twist by celebrity chef Anis Nabilah. It has been a wonderful process to recreate this menu, trying out different flavour profiles to cater to what Malaysians love best,” said Evelyn Lee, Head of Marketing of Secret Recipe.

Expressing her gratitude at the opportunity to collaborate with Malaysia’s favourite café chain, Anis Nabilah said, “As a chef, I find it exhilarating to experiment with dishes that might seem ordinary to others. It allows me to play around with various spices, herbs and ingredients, resulting in entirely new and exciting flavours. This collaboration was particularly enjoyable as I relish exploring different culinary creations during the Raya season. It ignites my passion for cooking and lets me explore the depths of our taste buds!” 

As a mainstay for dessert-loving Malaysians, Secret Recipe has also introduced a brand new Onde Onde cake into its Platinum Collection, especially for this Ramadan season. Translating one of Malaysia’s favourite desserts into cake form, the Onde Onde is a towering creation of coconut cream sandwiched between fluffy pandan sponges, all topped off with a decadent glaze of Gula Melaka cream and coconut flakes.

Secret Recipe’s Nasi Kerabu Specials is now available at all Secret Recipe outlets throughout Peninsular Malaysia. The Onde Onde priced at RM78 for takeaways, and RM85.35 for dine-in purchases, will be made available from 20 March onwards at all Secret Recipe outlets in Peninsular Malaysia. Secret Recipe clinched the award for the Best Halal Product or Service at the Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA) 2022. As a Halal-certified brand, Secret Recipe is dedicated to continuously improving its internal Halal system.

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