SINGAPORE, April 25 – The Singapore-based generative AI firm Mindverse announced that its creator tool for virtual AI beings for business sales and service, MindOS, will enter its Closed Beta stage on April 18, 2023. Journalists, developers, creators, distributors, and enterprise users may join the Closed Beta launch webinars hosted on April 18th and April 20th at no cost and will be given licenses for MindOS. The firm’s Closed Beta launch follows its signed partnership and planned rollout of customizable embodied chatbots.

For one of the world’s 3 largest e-commerce platforms, a global beauty and cosmetics brand, and several e-commerce SMEs. Mindverse Co-Founder and CEO Fangbo Tao said, We are thrilled to offer the Closed Beta version of MindOS to trusted developers, journalists, and partners. Our launch webinars will offer a deep dive on our core technology, an AMA with our founders, and a Closed Beta license for attendees to get comfortable with MindOS before our Open Beta. We welcome feedback from Closed Beta participants.

Look forward to learning how users creatively deploy MindOS to solve productivity bottlenecks, boost conversions, and reduce the drudgery of mundane tasks. MindOS generates AI beings with customizable appearances, personalities, knowledge domains, and app integrations. The tool can be deployed as a chatbot or IVA for service or sales, or as a process automation tool for workplace productivity and internal processes. MindOS supports 30 languages, offers more than 1,000 pre-designed AI beings, and accurately infers intent 97% of the time.

MindOS AI beings can be trained with an unsorted training data set such as an onboarding manual, product documents, or full websites, without the need to structure the data. With real-time searching and zero-shot training, those AI beings can be onboarded rapidly to consistently provide high quality responses that are faithful to each brand’s voice. Mindverse Co-Founder and COO Kisson Lin elaborated: The core technology of MindOS is fine-tuned, controllable LLM that allows our users to balance the conversational fluency of an LLM with the need to provide true information and align with a brand’s voice.

MindOS AI beings are more easily trained in industry-specific knowledge and firm-specific policies. We see our role in acting as a bridge between unwieldy LLMs and the very specific needs of particular industries like e-commerce, hospitality, customer service, automotive, gaming, education, and MICE. We see the Closed Beta as an opportunity to learn how target industry insiders can deploy generative AI to solve problems for SMEs and enterprises.

The firm intends to launch Open Beta in the coming months, with an estimated launch in late May in advance of AWE USA. The firm, founded in early 2022, articulates its offering as “Mind as a Service” (MaaS), a riff on AI as a Service, which is expected to grow into a $96 billion industry by 2030, according to Vision Research Reports.

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