SELAYANG, May 6 – The recitation of Surah Al-Insan in a hybrid form led by Hospitality Operations student Muhammad Aiman Hakim bin Norzainiz, throughout Selayang Community College (KKSY) to appreciate the last 10 days before Ramadan leaves the Muslims was held in conjunction with the year’s #WorldQuranHour 2023 which is carried out simultaneously all over the world. The organization of the KKSY #QuranHour at the institutional level for the fifth year is being conducted so that it can educate the students and employees of KKSY with the morals of the Quran and raise the dignity of the Quran to be practiced by all.

It is implemented so that this practice is applied not only to read the words of Allah SWT, but also that every individual in the institution can understand and practice the Qur’an in building good personal morals to be used in daily life. The recitation of the Qur’an which lasted for one (1) hour saw all the students and employees of KKSY delving deeper into Surah Al-Insan which emphasizes the human beings who have been created by Allah SWT and the responsibility given in being obedient servants to Him at all times.

In addition, the surah Surah Al-Insan also needs to be deeply appreciated nowadays because society in this day and age focuses more on the world of technology so that human interaction or “human touch” seems to be no longer needed and neglected. This surah emphasizes the importance of communication among human beings which opens the eyes of the students of this institution to deepen the “human touch” communication between friends and lecturers. The approach of this program gives space and opportunity to KKSY to appreciate this year’s Ramadhan more deeply by understanding the meaning of the surahs from Allah SWT’s pen.

KKSY #QuranHour 2023 is conducted simultaneously in conjunction with the World Quran Hour 2023 which is conducted at the world level on 22 Ramadhan 1444H corresponding to 13 April 2023 with the theme of “humanizing humans” through the agenda of Humanising the Home, Humanising the Workplace, Humanising the Nation and Humanising the World. Also present at this program, KKSY Director, Dr. Rasmuna binti Hussain and Deputy Director of KKSY Management, Noor Azalifah binti Mohammed.

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