GEORGE TOWN, May 17 – In a public statement, Alex Low, Chairman of the Tri Pinnacle Joint Management Body (JMB), offered his sincere apologies to all Muslim residents of the condominium regarding the recent controversy surrounding the azan (call to prayer) issue. He clarified that the JMB did not have any intention to ban the call to prayer at Saidina Umar’s Surau, located in Block A of the condominium.  During a press conference held on the 46th floor of Tri Pinnacle, Alex Low expressed remorse on behalf of the JMB committee members and extended his apologies to the Muslim residents of Tri Pinnacle and the Muslim community at large.

He acknowledged that his words may have caused distress and clarified that there was no intention to prohibit the azan. “We have absolutely no intention of banning the call to prayer at Saidina Umar’s Surau. I personally apologize if any of my words and speech have angered any party,” Alex Low stated. The press conference was attended by prominent figures, including Datuk Ahmad Zakiyuddin Abdul Rahman, President of the Islamic Religious Council of Penang, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Salim Wan Mohd Noor, the Mufti of Penang, and Muhammad Nasir Abdul Majid, Chairman of Surau Saidina Umar.

Alex Low expressed regret that the issue had escalated and resulted in misunderstandings within the community. He emphasized that the JMB and the surau committee had already held discussions with the Department of Islamic Religion in the Northeast District on May 9, leading to a resolution and mutual agreement. “We are very sorry and disappointed because an issue that should only be a confidential internal discussion has been spread and created a misunderstanding.

An agreement has been reached and the problem has been resolved. We understand and respect Islam as the official religion in our country. We are also clear that the call to prayer is called to call Muslims to pray,” Alex Low explained. He further clarified that the agenda discussed was not related to the call to prayer but rather the installation of loudspeakers. However, due to the sensitivity of the matter, the agenda had been withdrawn, as recorded in the minutes of the general meeting dated March 12, 2023.

Alex Low concluded his statement by expressing hope that all videos related to the issue would be withdrawn by the responsible parties to prevent further misunderstandings and provocations. The condominium in question consists of three blocks, each 48 stories high, with a majority Muslim population. The surau is located approximately 200 meters from the first block, Block A. The JMB Chairman’s public apology aims to clarify the misconceptions surrounding the azan issue and foster understanding among the residents of Tri Pinnacle and the wider community.

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