LANGKAWI, May 27 – Asia Digital Engineering (ADE), the engineering and maintenance subsidiary of Capital A, has unveiled two groundbreaking digital solutions, AEROTRADE and ELEVADE FLEET, which are set to transform aircraft parts procurement and holistic aircraft health management in Asia. These innovative platforms aim to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and elevate the overall performance of the aviation industry.

The launch of AEROTRADE and ELEVADE FLEET took place during The 16th Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA ’23) and was witnessed by YB Chang Lih Kang, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia, underscoring the importance of these pioneering innovations. AEROTRADE, the first-of-its-kind in Asia, is an aviation marketplace designed to address the challenges faced by airlines in procuring aircraft parts. By harnessing the latest technologies, AEROTRADE simplifies the buying and selling processes, providing a seamless experience for multiple stakeholders.

With over USD 120 million worth of inventory available for both Airbus and Boeing aircraft types, AEROTRADE has quickly become a leading platform for aviation procurement. It has garnered the attention of more than 60 airlines, MROs, distributors, agents, and stockists worldwide, showcasing its growing popularity among industry players. The platform’s future expansion plans include further enhancements to streamline and automate procurement, logistics, and inventory management-related activities. On the other hand, ELEVADE FLEET, the first module from ADE’s ELEVADE digital ecosystem, takes aircraft health management to new heights.

With a focus on holistic monitoring and management, ELEVADE FLEET simplifies real-time monitoring and provides solutions for aircraft health. Leveraging over 20 years of aircraft maintenance data and experience, the system offers predictive and prescriptive maintenance capabilities, advanced analytics, fleet tracking, cabin monitoring, and more. ELEVADE FLEET is the first commercially-available, full-fledged aircraft health management system of its kind in Asia. Currently, all AirAsia Group fleets, consisting of narrowbody and widebody aircraft, are being monitored via ELEVADE FLEET.

YB Chang Lih Kang, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia, commended ADE’s commitment to pioneering innovation and technological advancements in the aviation industry. He emphasized the importance of digital transformation and innovation in driving advancements in aircraft engineering and positioning Malaysia as a hub for technological excellence in the aviation sector regionally and globally.

Mahesh Kumar, Chief Executive Officer of ADE, highlighted their goal of simplifying the complex aircraft parts procurement process and providing a holistic aircraft health management system. Leveraging their position as the main MRO provider for AirAsia, ADE aims to optimize maintenance activities and improve safety for airlines. These innovative solutions demonstrate their commitment to revolutionizing the aviation industry in Asia and beyond.

ADE’s world-class engineering and industry-leading MRO expertise have paved the way for digital innovation in Asia. The launch of AEROTRADE and ELEVADE FLEET marks a significant milestone in ADE’s journey towards becoming an innovative leader in aviation and MRO in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region. They are already working on integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into these features to ensure the highest standards of service and meet clients’ requirements.

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