GEORGE TOWN, June 1 – In a press statement released by DAP National Chairman Lim Guan Eng, Penangites are urged to lodge police reports against Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor for creating public disaffection and attempting to sow enmity between the people of Kedah and Penang by claiming that Penang still belongs to Kedah. The statement highlights the need to address the disrespectful and false claims made by Muhammad Sanusi, which disregard the Federal Constitution and the recognized sovereignty of Penang as a state.

Lim Guan Eng emphasizes that not only the 1.8 million Penangites but also Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim and Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Law and Institutional Reform) Ramkarpal Singh have refuted Muhammad Sanusi’s statements. They argue that Muhammad Sanusi fails to understand the law and displays a lack of respect for the Federal Constitution. It is noted that even the Sultan of Kedah, by consenting to the Federal Constitution, acknowledges Penang’s status as one of the 13 sovereign states in Malaysia.

This is not the first time Muhammad Sanusi has made such baseless claims against Penang. In the past, he expressed doubts about Penang’s sovereignty and right to exist as a separate state, leading to the unanimous passing of a motion by the Penang state assembly, including support from the lone Penang PAS Assemblyperson, condemning Muhammad Sanusi’s remarks. Lim Guan Eng suggests that Muhammad Sanusi’s repeated false claims are aimed at gaining political advantage in the upcoming state elections.

However, such actions are irresponsible and reckless as they have the potential to create public disaffection and enmity between the people of Kedah and Penang. Despite being proven wrong, Muhammad Sanusi persists in his stance, refusing to recant or rectify his statements. By provoking doubts about Penang’s sovereignty and right to exist, Muhammad Sanusi poses a threat to national peace and security. Lim Guan Eng urges the 1.8 million Penangites to lodge police reports against Muhammad Sanusi.

Emphasizing the need to protect Penang and prevent political disturbances that could disrupt peace and prosperity. Furthermore, Lim Guan Eng calls on Penang PAS to clarify their position on whether they will disassociate themselves from Muhammad Sanusi. If they fail to do so, it is suggested that PAS should not contest in the upcoming state elections if they cannot fully represent the interests of Penangites and uphold and preserve the Federal Constitution.

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