KUALA LUMPUR, June 6 – Khairy Jamaluddin, the former Health Minister of Malaysia, is contemplating the establishment of a new political party, citing the relatively saturated political landscape as a driving factor. Having observed the situation over the past few weeks, the former Rembau Member of Parliament expressed the possibility of embarking on a new political venture.

“In politics, if we can have a fresh start, why not do it on our own terms?” Khairy stated during the Keluran Sekejap program on Monday. Khairy further elaborated that joining an existing party would require him to conform to the party’s established ways of doing things, which might not align entirely with his principles. He also reflected on the adjustments he had to make when he joined the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO).

“When we enter any party, we have to adapt to their customs, and it’s not always possible to have everything align exactly as we want it,” Khairy explained. While acknowledging the risks associated with establishing a new party, such as the potential loss of deposit money and the possibility of facing criticism, Khairy emphasized that it could also bring a sense of satisfaction, as it would be built on his own terms.

“While forming our own party, we must be prepared to face electoral setbacks initially, but who knows what the future holds,” he remarked. Khairy’s contemplation of launching a new party signifies his desire to approach politics from a fresh perspective and potentially contribute to the evolving political landscape of Malaysia. As a prominent figure in Malaysian politics, his decision to establish a new party could have implications for the political dynamics of the country in the future.

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