KUALA LUMPUR, June 8 – UiTM’s recent admission of a data leak that exposed personal information of nearly 12,000 applicants has raised concerns about data privacy and security. The leak occurred on an unsecured link, highlighting the vulnerability of sensitive data in Malaysia’s education sector, which is the most targeted sector for ransomware groups, according to a recent report by Palo Alto Networks. While no significant damage has been reported, this incident serves as a reminder of how easily personal information can be exposed.

Organizations handling sensitive data must take responsibility for implementing effective measures to safeguard the personal data of their users. David Rajoo, the ASEAN Systems Engineering Head at Palo Alto Networks, urged organizations to develop an effective security strategy to uphold the integrity of their data. This includes upgrading cybersecurity defenses consistently to keep up with evolving threats, staying ahead of the attack curve, and minimizing the possibility of data breaches.

According to another report by Palo Alto Networks, 80% of security alerts come from users repeating the same mistakes. To prevent recurring data breaches, organizations should provide necessary education and training to their employees. Digital training, phishing link training, and ongoing cybersecurity awareness initiatives are some of the recommendations to strengthen cybersecurity posture. In light of this, it is crucial to strengthen cybersecurity measures in general.

This can be achieved by hiring dedicated cybersecurity personnel, implementing comprehensive security systems, and regularly conducting security assessments to identify vulnerabilities and areas for improvement. David urged Malaysian individuals and organizations to be more vigilant in protecting their sensitive data. Successful cybersecurity demands collective efforts to ensure data security. The recent breach underscores the need for Malaysia to enhance its cybersecurity posture, whether through individual data hygiene awareness or organization-wide cybersecurity investment.

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