Shawn Shang Rong, the versatile singer-songwriter, is about to release his first full album of original compositions. After his quirky debut single “DOCASA” which offered a glimpse into his wild and unpredictable world, Shang Rong is now set to release his second single “Addicted to Loving You” along with a music video on May 16. In the new song, Shang Rong compares his love for his significant other to smoking addiction, describing the helpless and suffocating feeling that love can bring.

The lyrics are matched with a captivating melody and cleverly arranged strings that showcase Shang Rong’s multifaceted musical talents. After surprising fans with his unique vocal style in “DOCASA,” Shang Rong continues to push his creative boundaries in this new song. He not only infuses his haunting and soulful voice into the very unconventional arrangement, but also experiments with a variety of singing styles, showcasing his versatility as a musician.

To add to the excitement, the music video for “Addicted to Loving You” features a crossover with the ever-changing idol Zhang Yi, who surprises fans with his appearance as a mysterious character with a flamboyant hairstyle. The interactions between Zhang and Shang Rong in the video set the stage for the musical movie universe that Shang Rong plans to create with a series of music videos in the near future. Shawn Shang Rong’s “Addicted to Loving You” is set to be released on May 16, along with the highly anticipated music video featuring Zhang Yi.

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