PETALING JAYA, June 10 – Tourism Malaysia, in collaboration with Tourism Selangor, organized a business-to-business (B2B) session under the “Meet the Experts” program from 16 to 19 May 2023. The program aimed to foster business partnerships, establish new contracts, provide product updates, and enhance mutual understanding in developing travel packages specifically tailored for tourists from Singapore. The event showcased various destinations in Selangor and aimed to position Malaysia as an exciting and value-for-money destination.

A group of 25 travel agents and four media representatives from Singapore had the opportunity to meet with local representatives, including travel agents, tourism product providers, and hoteliers from Selangor. The B2B session took place at Le Meridien Hotel in Petaling Jaya, where participants discovered unique tourism products and engaged in fruitful discussions. The “Meet the Experts” program highlighted the potential for Agro Tourism, offered unforgettable homestay experiences, showcased a diverse range.

Of culinary delights, and celebrated the rich cultural heritage, history, and traditions of Selangor. Participants also had the chance to enjoy exciting countryside cycling tours and explore Instagrammable hipster locations, catering to leisure travelers seeking memorable experiences. Malaysia has exceeded its initial target of attracting 9.2 million international tourists since the reopening of its international borders in 2022. The country recorded a total of 10,070,964 arrivals, contributing RM28.2 billion in tourist receipts.

Singapore played a significant role, with 5,222,991 tourist arrivals from the city-state in 2022. Datuk Musa Yusof, Deputy Director-General (Promotion) of Tourism Malaysia, emphasized the importance of the Singapore market, stating, “Singapore remains the prime market for Malaysia in terms of tourist arrivals and receipts. With the support of our Singapore partners, we hope the Singapore market will rebound to its pre-pandemic level, as tourists are increasingly seeking value for money and opting for closer-to-home travel.”

Malaysia aims to attract 16.1 million international tourist arrivals and generate RM26.8 billion in tourism receipts this year. The “Meet the Experts” program not only strengthens business ties between industry players from Singapore and Selangor but also contributes to industry engagement, fostering growth, and nurturing strong friendships. By showcasing the unique attractions and experiences Selangor has to offer, Malaysia aims to captivate the Singaporean market and position itself as a top choice for travelers seeking memorable and value-for-money vacations.

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