SINGAPORE, June 11 – NetApp® (NASDAQ: NTAP) has announced a range of innovative products and programs, including a new block storage offering and a groundbreaking ransomware recovery guarantee. The NetApp ASA A-Series family simplifies the deployment of modern SAN infrastructure, providing guaranteed availability, efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability. NetApp’s Ransomware Recovery Guarantee leverages its industry-leading ONTAP software to warrant snapshot data recovery in the event of an attack.

The NetApp ASA A-Series is a line of SAN-specific flash storage systems, offering superior performance, scalability, data availability, efficiency, and hybrid cloud connectivity for business-critical applications. It includes a six-nines data availability guarantee and industry-leading effective capacity combined with a storage efficiency guarantee. The solution also reduces power consumption and carbon emissions while supporting all-NVMe flash storage.

NetApp’s Ransomware Recovery Guarantee is powered by ONTAP, which blocks malicious file types, provides multi-admin verification, and creates tamper-proof snapshots. In the event of a ransomware attack, NetApp guarantees snapshot data recovery and offers compensation if data copies cannot be restored. The announcement aligns with NetApp’s commitment to simplifying data storage challenges while addressing increasing IT complexity and cyberthreats.

The company’s portfolio enhancements include ONTAP One, an all-inclusive storage software available for all systems, and the ONTAP May 2023 Release, which enhances ransomware protection and workload management. NetApp also introduces StorageGRID 11.7, an advanced software version with disaster recovery capabilities and a next-generation all-flash object storage appliance.

NetApp’s new offerings empower organizations to overcome data storage challenges with operational simplicity, robust security, and guaranteed efficiencies. By providing comprehensive solutions and innovative guarantees, NetApp reinforces its commitment to enabling customers’ success in managing their data effectively and securely.

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