SINGAPORE, June 13 – Ascendance, a Malaysian start-up and youth organization led by Gen Z members, has emerged as the recipient of the prestigious “Best Entrepreneurship Education Project” award at the 2023 Money Awareness & Inclusion Awards (MAIA) held in Singapore. The award-winning project, ‘,’ is an online platform developed by Ascendance that provides Gen Z individuals with opportunities to explore entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

Through a series of workshops, talk shows, and mentorship sessions featuring esteemed professionals and entrepreneurs from around the world, has garnered over 6,000 student participants across Malaysia. In the past year alone, the platform hosted more than 200 live virtual events, catering to aspiring entrepreneurs as young as 8 years old. The victory was announced by Marc Fancy, the Executive Director of Prudence Foundation and one of the judges of MAIA, who praised the Gen Z team behind

Expressing his congratulations to Ascendance, Fancy commended their innovative approach and the platform’s appeal to its target audience, likening its content style to that of Netflix. MAIA, founded by Michael Gilmore from Singapore and Trudi Harris from England, is an esteemed awards ceremony that celebrates individuals and organizations working towards a more inclusive and open financial landscape. This year’s event was broadcast live from three major financial cities worldwide: Singapore, New York, and London.

Opening the awards ceremony, founder and finance professional Michael Gilmore acknowledged the exceptional efforts of all the nominees, highlighting their dedication to educating beneficiaries, communities, and families on improving their financial management. Reflecting on the caliber of this year’s nominees, Gilmore expressed satisfaction with the high quality of projects, including globally recognized names. He also noted that several smaller enterprises triumphed over larger players due to their passion and commitment to their work.

The recognition received by Ascendance at MAIA is a testament to the impressive entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to financial literacy displayed by the Gen Z team behind With their innovative approach and commitment to empowering young individuals, Ascendance continues to make a significant impact on entrepreneurship education in Malaysia and beyond.

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