GEORGE TOWN, June 14 – The Penang International Food Festival (PIFF) kicked off with a lively celebration at the Farlim Night Market, known as Rasa² Rahmah. This mini party, organized as part of PIFF, brought together locals and tourists to indulge in Penang’s vibrant food scene. The event was graced by the Penang Tourism and Creative Economy EXCO (PETACE) and Paya Terubong Assemblyman, who expressed gratitude to all participants.

In line with the vision of Penang2030 and the Penang Tourism Master Plan, the State Government has been dedicated to fostering sustainable economic growth in the tourism industry. By launching this year’s PIFF in Farlim, the aim was not only to attract tourists to explore the beauty of the area but also to generate new economic opportunities for the Paya Terubong community. The festival serves as a platform for local entrepreneurs to earn income and improve their standard of living.

The presence of local and international tourists at PIFF will undoubtedly boost the demand for local products and services. This surge in demand will benefit the small business sector in the Paya Terubong area, leading to overall economic growth. The festival not only offers a culinary experience but also encourages visitors to explore the various tourist spots surrounding Farlim, further enhancing the local economy.

The PETACE representative expressed hopes that visitors would relish the festival and savor the diverse culinary offerings at the night market. The organization of PIFF aims to showcase Penang’s rich culture, tradition, and exquisite cuisine to the world, solidifying its place on the global stage. Through events like Rasa² Rahmah, Penang aims to captivate the hearts and taste buds of visitors, fostering a deep appreciation for the state’s beauty and leaving a lasting impression on all who visit.

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