TAIPEI, June 15 – Ozone, the conqueror of the popular male group scene, held two consecutive “One And Only” concerts last month at the Taipei Popular Music Center, attracting nearly ten thousand fans. The group’s popularity continues to soar, with fans eagerly anticipating the release of the “Ten Thousand People Concert Limited Song” on digital platforms. Following the solo releases by Zheyan and Huanjun, the fourth installment is now unveiled on May 19. The collaboration between the two features the new duet “Listen to Me First,” characterized by its light and relaxing rhythm.

During the concert, Zheyan and Huanjun enchanted fans with their intoxicating Disco Funk style, showcasing their natural chemistry and interaction. The MV for “Listen to Me First” is a re-edited compilation of highlights from the concert, allowing fans to relive the joyful atmosphere and fully enjoy the song. It is worth mentioning that Huanjun, who has had fewer experiences in songwriting, expressed his excitement about the collaboration with Zheyan, saying, “I have always had a dream of creating music and playing in a band.

This time, the process of creating music with Zheyan felt very exhilarating!” Zheyan also remarked that working with Huanjun on this song felt different from writing alone, as his strength lies in rap. With Huanjun’s participation, the song gained a more streamlined feel. The new duet, “Listen to Me First,” by Zheyan and Huanjun, is now available along with its MV on May 19. “Listen to Me First” was co-written by Zheyan, Huanjun, and the promising lyricist Zhangwu, while the composition was a collaborative effort between R&B songwriter Tongli Zunya and the award-winning producer Razor.

The combination of these talented individuals added even more excitement and passion to Zheyan and Huanjun’s creative process. The song portrays the competition between two boys pursuing the same girl, set in the dimly lit ambiance of a bar. Each of them displays their most charming side in their own unique way. However, as they discover that they are each other’s “competitors,” they realize how similar they actually are, leading to a sense of admiration for each other as heroes.

The song is performed as a duet, requiring both Zheyan and Huanjun to infuse their emotions and imagination more deeply, showcasing both their charismatic styles and aiming to create a “boyish romance that exceeds the sum of its parts.” The song invites listeners to immerse themselves in its intoxicating rhythm. Zheyan and Huanjun were inspired to create “Listen to Me First” by chance. After finalizing the song’s concept, they began the process of writing lyrics. Zheyan revealed that Huanjun put a lot of effort into the lyrics, while as the rap representative of Ozone, he provided many suggestions to Huanjun regarding the rap sections.

Furthermore, as Huanjun has always lacked confidence in singing melodies, Zheyan continuously encouraged him and provided positive energy, allowing Huanjun to deliver his best performance in the song. Whether it was preparing the song or the stage performance, both artists expressed that they approached it in a relaxed and comfortable state. Their remarkable chemistry allowed them to understand each other with just a glance, and the entire performance did not rely on dancers or bands.

The two captivated the entire venue with their extraordinary stage presence, showcasing a charismatic atmosphere of mutual enchantment. The combination of Ozone’s rap and dance talents created a dazzling display, exhilarating the audience. The new duet “Listen to Me First” by Zheyan and Huanjun, along with its MV, is now available as of May 19.

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