KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 – SPRITZER, renowned for its silica-rich mineral water, has joined forces with TudungPeople, a leading hijab designer, to launch an exclusive collaboration featuring a limited edition shawl and scrunchie. What sets this collection apart is its sustainable approach, utilizing recycled plastic bottles to create fashionable accessories that reflect a commitment to the environment. The partnership between SPRITZER and TudungPeople exemplifies a shared dedication to promoting sustainable practices and creating a positive impact on the planet.

By repurposing eight recycled plastic bottles per shawl, the companies aim to raise awareness about recycling and inspire people to envision the potential of plastic waste. TudungPeople, known for their comfortable and stylish hijabs, incorporates design inspirations from Spritzer’s iconic bottle into the Limited Edition Rainforest Collection. The shawls and scrunchies feature a mesmerizing blend of delicate rainforest flora set against a backdrop of subtle turquoise gradients. The intricate patterns showcase elegant orchids, whimsical ferns, and majestic monstera leaves, complemented by a fabric that provides optimal shape support and frames the face beautifully.

Each shawl is accompanied by a reusable pouch bag, designed to match the unique tudung and ensure safe storage. As part of its sustainability initiatives, Spritzer is committed to advocating for clean water and emphasizing the importance of a pristine environment for preserving water sources. This collaboration with TudungPeople serves as a creative way to engage individuals in the pursuit of a sustainable future. The much-coveted TudungPeople x Spritzer shawl is priced at RM179, while the adorable scrunchie can be purchased separately for RM25.

For those seeking the complete set, it is available at RM184. To secure these exclusive items, interested customers can visit www.tudungpeople.com and https://shop.spritzer.com.my/. Spritzer and TudungPeople’s joint venture introduces a remarkable blend of style, sustainability, and environmental consciousness. By leveraging recycled plastic bottles to fashion elegant accessories, they are redefining the possibilities of sustainable fashion and inspiring others to embrace eco-friendly choices. Don’t miss the opportunity to own these limited-edition treasures that exemplify the beauty of sustainable living.

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