PERMATANG PAUH, July 2 – Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has urged the Central PAS Ulamak Council to clarify its position on the misleading statements made by former Kedah PAS Ulamak Council member Syeikh Zainul Asri Mohd Romli. Anwar expressed concern over the lack of reprimand or correction from clerics or party leadership regarding these statements, which have caused anger among many people. Among the controversial statements made by the preacher were claims that Prophet Adam had descended on Mount Jerai and that Saidina Usman bin Affan RA and his family had been to Kedah.

Anwar recently highlighted that the ustaz had even suggested that those who did not support their party would be considered enemies of Allah. “Why haven’t the teachers and PAS scholars reprimanded and corrected these mistakes? I want the PAS Ulama Council to clarify whether these statements are true or not. If they are not true, please correct them,” Anwar stated during a speech at the first sacrifice ceremony of Madani du Masjid Jamek Al-Qadri, Sama Gagah.

Anwar further emphasized that such misleading statements could create problems for the Ummah, particularly for the thousands of disaffected supporters. He called on PAS, a party that claims to uphold Islam, to address the issue, expressing his disappointment in their inability to handle it effectively, causing confusion among the public. “I want these questions answered. Why is there no effort to correct this confusion? There is no need to involve the police, Jakim, or the fatwa council and Islamic religious council. PAS should handle it themselves,” Anwar added.

He also questioned the notion that those who do not support PAS are deemed enemies of Allah, pointing out that former Tok Guru Nik Aziz had supported him to become Prime Minister despite not being a member of PAS. Anwar emphasized the importance of preaching with wisdom and upholding Islam without resorting to falsehood. He called for responsible handling of religious matters and highlighted the need for PAS to address the issue in line with their commitment to promoting Islam.

Previously, independent preacher Syeikh Muhd Zainul Asri Mohd Romli had apologized and explained his speech referring to the “enemy of Allah” during the Kedah Prayer Gathering at the Darul Aman Stadium on June 24. In his Tausiah during the event, Sheikh Muhd Zainul Asri expressed hope that “God will defend this country (Kedah) from being overthrown by the enemies of Allah SWT and that the religion of Allah SWT will prevail.”

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