KUALA LUMPUR, July 4 – Tune Protect Malaysia, a subsidiary of Tune Protect Group Berhad, has taken a groundbreaking step towards digitalization by becoming the first insurance company in Malaysia to leverage SAP’s insurance core system hosted on the cloud. In collaboration with SAP Malaysia, Serole Technologies, and Huawei Malaysia, Tune Protect Malaysia aims to enhance its customer experience and streamline operations through this innovative core system. The implementation of the new core system marks a significant milestone in Tune Protect’s digital transformation journey.

By leveraging cloud technology and SAP Insurance core, Tune Protect Malaysia can offer faster and more efficient services to its customers. The system, which went live in October 2022, is a configurable general insurance core system that empowers the company to deliver new products and services swiftly. Jubin Mehta, the CEO of Tune Protect Malaysia, expressed pride in being the first insurer in Malaysia to adopt the SAP Insurance core system on the cloud. He emphasized the company’s commitment to technology innovation and the empowerment of customers.

The new core system enables Tune Protect Malaysia to streamline policy processing and claims cycles through workflow simplification and automation. This aligns with the company’s customer commitment of 3:3:3, ensuring quick insurance purchases, responses, and claim payments for a seamless customer experience. The adoption of the cloud-based core system not only simplifies operations for Tune Protect’s internal technology team but also facilitates effective management of existing products while introducing innovative offerings.

Prasanta Roy, the Chief Technology Officer of Tune Protect, highlighted the comprehensive overhaul of data management and the transformation from front-end to back-end operations. This transformation, combined with existing digital capabilities, will expedite the delivery of a cohesive customer experience across various products and services. The new core system includes modules for policy management, claims processing, product and quote management, reinsurance, and finance operations.

By streamlining workflows and embracing digital transformation, Tune Protect Malaysia aims to improve operational efficiency and enhance customer service. The move by Tune Protect Malaysia to adopt the cloud-based SAP Insurance core system sets a new standard for the insurance industry in Malaysia. It showcases the company’s commitment to digitalization, innovation, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. As competition intensifies and customer expectations evolve, Tune Protect Malaysia’s investment in cutting-edge technology positions them as a leader in the market.

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