GEORGE TOWN, July 5 – Canon Marketing Malaysia (“Canon”) has kicked off its annual “One Canon One Tree” campaign in Sungai Tembus, Penang, where it planted 200 mangrove trees to protect the state’s most pristine mangrove forest. The initiative, which aligns with World Environment Day’s theme of #BeatPlasticPollution, aims to support Malaysia’s goal of becoming a carbon-neutral nation by 2050. Canon joined hands with the Shorebirds Peninsular Malaysia Project (SPMP) and Unit Nelayan Sungai Tembus to promote biodiversity conservation, bird protection, and eco-tourism initiatives.

This campaign highlights the vital role of mangrove trees in preserving coastal ecosystems, mitigating climate change, and providing habitats for numerous species. Sungai Tembus holds immense importance for the biodiversity of Penang’s Penaga forest. The mangrove ecosystem not only sustains local fishermen’s livelihoods but also attracts more than 100 species of migratory birds between March and June, creating a captivating natural spectacle.

Furthermore, the presence of Asian openbills, storks, and herons helps regulate the population of pests, safeguarding the local rice farmers’ crops from threats like golden apple snails and island apple snails. The river is part of the Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA) of Teluk Air Tawar-Kuala Muda, which plays a critical role in conserving bird populations in Penang. Efforts are underway to preserve the wetlands and designate the area as a permanent reserved forest.

However, greater awareness of Malaysia’s IBAs is needed to protect its rich biodiversity, support local communities, and promote eco-tourism. Canon, known for its commitment to environmental stewardship, collaborated with local organizations to undertake this conservation project. With 36 dedicated staff members participating in the event, Canon not only planted mangrove trees but also refreshed the paint of Unit Nelayan’s community hall.  This year, the company aims to expand its efforts nationwide to create a greener and more sustainable future for all by promoting tree planting and ecological conservation.

Shunji Yoshikai, President and CEO of Canon Marketing Malaysia, emphasized the company’s dedication to its corporate philosophy of “Kyosei” – working together for the common good. He stated, “‘One Canon One Tree’ embodies Kyosei by contributing to a sustainable society and promoting environmental stewardship. By engaging in initiatives that protect our natural environment and foster biodiversity, we aspire to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in creating a better world for future generations.”

Canon’s commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation extends beyond tree planting. Over the years, the company has planted over 8,000 trees, including 511 trees designated as a food bank for rehabilitated Tapirs at the Sungai Dusun Wildlife Conservation Centre in Selangor. Daren Tan, Head of Canon Marketing Malaysia’s Penang Branch, expressed his pride in being part of the initiative, stating, “Our goals extend beyond supporting local fishermen and improving their livelihoods; they encompass combating climate change and safeguarding our cherished natural heritage.”

He further highlighted the campaign’s significance in preserving mangroves and raising awareness about the crucial role of Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) in maintaining the ecological balance in Penang and across Malaysia. Following the launch in Sungai Tembus, the “One Canon One Tree” campaign will continue its journey across Malaysia, with upcoming tree-planting programs in Johor Bahru, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Kuantan, and the Klang Valley.

Canon welcomes collaborations with social organizations, local communities, and other stakeholders to participate in the “One Canon One Tree” program, aiming to create a healthier and more vibrant planet for future generations. As a leading brand in digital imaging solutions, Canon remains dedicated to making a positive environmental impact and promoting sustainability practices through its “Imaging for Good” message.

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