RIYADH, July 7 – Ikhlas Com Travel Sdn Bhd (IKHLAS), a subsidiary of Capital A Berhad, joins forces with the Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) to launch the captivating ‘Rethink Summer’ campaign, aiming to entice Malaysian travelers with the diverse and extraordinary summer destinations in Saudi Arabia. With its authentic Arabian charm and unrivaled experiences, Saudi Arabia beckons visitors to explore its hidden gems and discover the true essence of the Arabian Peninsula. As one of the world’s fastest-growing destinations, Saudi Arabia boasts a remarkable capacity to welcome visitors year-round.

The ‘Rethink Summer’ campaign showcases the country’s breathtaking diversity, from the cool and verdant highlands of Taif to the vibrant beaches of Jeddah and the enchanting heights of Aseer. Embrace a cooler getaway this summer and embark on a range of diverse activities that cater to all interests. Experience horseback riding at Al Jazeera Equestrian Center, indulge in boat and diving trips in Jeddah, uncover the beauty of Muftaha village, Al Souda mountain park, Abha Dam Lake, and the historic Rijal Al Maa village in Abha, and bask in the panoramic views of the Al Hada Mountains while visiting the captivating “City of Roses.”

Take a delightful cable car ride from Al Hada and marvel at the majestic mountains from lofty heights. Expressing gratitude for being entrusted with leading the ‘Rethink Summer’ campaign in the Malaysian market, Ikhlas Kamarudin, CEO of IKHLAS, said, “We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Saudi Tourism Authority for choosing us as their partner. With the robust AirAsia X (AAX) network and the support of our reliable Saudi hotel partner, we are confident in our ability to deliver outstanding results.”

Since the resumption of direct AAX flights from Kuala Lumpur to Jeddah in November last year, more than 82,400 Malaysians have journeyed to Saudi Arabia as of May 2023. Alhasan Aldabbagh, President of APAC Markets at Saudi Tourism Authority (STA), highlighted Saudi Arabia’s unparalleled destination offerings. “Authentic Arabian culture, rich heritage, and diverse landscapes lie at the heart of what Saudi Arabia offers to Malaysian travelers. This summer, we have lined up special entertainment events that will cater to everyone’s preferences.

Our role is to support partners like IKHLAS to showcase the undiscovered experiences and seize the abundance of opportunities Saudi Arabia presents, as we strive to welcome 100 million visits by 2030.” Beyond promoting Umrah and introducing new attractions, activities, and experiences, IKHLAS aims to generate greater demand for Saudi Arabia by offering customizable do-it-yourself (DIY) travel itineraries, allowing travelers to uncover new attractions and destinations throughout the country. Saudi Arabia is poised to achieve significant milestones this year, including the opening of the first three resorts at The Red Sea, the world’s most ambitious and regenerative luxury tourism development.

In addition, Sindalah Island, NEOM’s unparalleled island destination, promises an extraordinary experience. Recently, Diriyah, the 300-year-old mud city and birthplace of Saudi Arabia, celebrated welcoming one million visitors since its opening in November. As the IKHLAS and STA partnership flourishes, Saudi Arabia eagerly anticipates welcoming Malaysian travelers and unlocking the full potential of its diverse landscapes, rich heritage, and vibrant culture. 

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