Asia’s queen of pop, Jolin Tsai, has recently made waves on Japan’s top music channel, “The First Take,” with her performances of “Rose Boy” and “Dear Object.” The two live recordings, released on YouTube, have garnered enthusiastic responses and high praise from fans. Previously, the TFT version of “Rose Boy” topped the digital platforms’ real-time charts, achieving remarkable success. In a recent interview with “The First Take,” Jolin shared her experience recording the songs, mentioning that her team put a lot of effort into the arrangement of both tracks.

They specifically selected a microphone that suits her vocal style, as it is highly sensitive, creating a feeling of having to be perfect in every breath. When interpreting the two songs, Jolin shared, “‘Rose Boy’ is slightly more relaxed because the song has a rhythm, allowing my body to relieve some tension along with the music. Singing ‘Dear Object’ requires me to convey emotions in a stable manner, and it made me really nervous.” The TFT version of Jolin Tsai’s “Dear Object” will be officially available on major digital platforms starting from 00:00 on July 3.

During the interview, Jolin also reflected on her journey in the music industry since her debut. She recalled the scene from her early days in 1999, describing herself as a nervous student always worried about making mistakes on stage. However, after years of honing her skills, self-exploration, and continuous experimentation and challenges, she gradually learned how to showcase her unique characteristics and interpret songs with different colors.

Jolin has not only made progress in her performances but has also actively engaged in music production, attempting songwriting and composition. “Rose Boy” and “Dear Object” are two songs that she participated in creating. Many fans were deeply moved after listening to the TFT versions of “Rose Boy” and “Dear Object,” commenting, “More than the vocals and performances, what is truly precious is that she chose two empowering songs filled with love.” When asked about the reason for selecting these two songs, Jolin explained, “‘Rose Boy’ expresses the desire to bloom in an environment and social structure where one cannot be understood.

‘Dear Object’ is a song created for a movie, a gentle and profound love song that showcases a different color compared to ‘Rose Boy.'”In addition, Jolin surprised fans last week by releasing a live MV of her collaboration with Weibird Wei, “If Possible,” from the “Ugly Beauty Concert” earlier this year, on her official YouTube channel. The release coincided with the opening of ticket sales for Jolin’s concert in Guangzhou. The MV instantly thrilled fans, claiming the top spot on the music fever chart.

Tickets for Jolin’s Guangzhou concert were sold out within a day, and the same happened for the Shenzhen concert, leaving disappointed fans exclaiming. “Can’t even get a ticket” and “The speed is astonishing.” This demonstrates the charm and immense popularity of Asia’s queen of pop, Jolin Tsai. The TFT version of Jolin Tsai’s “Dear Object” will be officially available on major digital platforms starting from 00:00 on July 3.

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