KUALA LUMPUR, July 9 – As the family holiday season approaches, creating special memories with loved ones while staying within a travel budget can be a challenge. Digital travel platform Agoda comes to the rescue by sharing seven travel hacks to help families save big on their next outing. “We want planning a family vacation, whether it’s with immediate family or a multi-generational trip, to be a fun experience filled with anticipation and, above all, easy to do,” says Cleland Robertson, Country Director of Malaysia and Brunei at Agoda.

“We help all travelers on Agoda find the best possible deal, no matter the group size or travel purpose. And hopefully, the tips below will help just a little bit extra to make sure the family’s travel budget is spent as wisely as possible.” Bundle Together, Save Together Flying can be an adventure for kids, but it can also take a significant chunk out of the travel budget. Bundling flights with accommodation is the best way to save on airfares. This often results in additional discounts, leaving more money for fun activities at the destination.

Agoda has a special ‘Flight + Hotel’ tab where you can search for the best bundle deals for your desired destination. Start the Day with a Good (and Included) Breakfast A day filled with activities requires a proper breakfast to fuel up. However, dining out for breakfast every day can quickly add up. Booking accommodation with breakfast included not only saves money but also provides peace of mind. The coffee is already brewing, and the bread is ready to toast. Just make sure you wake up in time!

You can filter results on Agoda to only include accommodations that offer free breakfast. Go Deal-Hunting Travel platforms often introduce special discounted rates for occasions like double-days, pay-day, upcoming holidays, and more. It’s worth keeping track of these promotions, and you may even stumble upon some “secret deals” with stacked discounts.

To Book Refundable or Not to Book Refundable If your family has fixed travel dates due to school term breaks, opting for non-refundable lower-priced deals can lead to great savings. However, if you need flexibility with travel dates, compare room rates and conditions for deals that offer refundable options. You can use filters on Agoda to reveal properties that allow refundable bookings? Feels Like Home Booking a holiday home instead of several hotel rooms is often the more budget-friendly option.

The whole family can enjoy the space, stack up the fridge, light up the BBQ, and have fun playing board games or charades in the living room. In addition to hotels, Agoda also offers apartments, houses, villas, and unique places to stay through Agoda Homes. Uncover the Best of Your Backyard – Go Local Domestic travel is a win-win situation. It eliminates overseas flight costs and visa expenses while allowing families to explore and learn about their own culture. Consider hidden-gem destinations or nature-filled locations that offer a different experience from popular tourist spots.

It’s an opportunity to immerse in nature and save on expenditures compared to urban destinations. Agoda Special Offers provide staycation packages that offer better value deals, including spa treatments, meals, or upgrades as part of the booking. Adventure Awaits: Unlock Thrills with Pre-Booked Experiences For must-visit tourist hotspots, booking tickets online in advance can save money and help you skip the queues, ensuring instant enjoyment for the whole family. Plan ahead, secure your spot, and let the excitement begin!

Agoda offers 130,000 tours and activities in more than 2,000 destination cities. You can book activities through Agoda and enjoy the best deals. With these travel hacks from Agoda, families can embark on their next vacation with confidence, knowing they can make the most of their travel budget and create lasting memories with their loved ones.

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