New-generation singer Xu Weixiang is set to release his debut solo album, and recently unveiled the pre-release single “Eyecatching” along with its music video (MV). Breaking away from the usual sentimental style, Xu showcases a wild rock style and intense visual effects, offering a fresh experience to his audience. The MV for “Eyecatching” is directed by talented emerging filmmaker Birdy, who shares that upon hearing the explosive rock music of the song for the first time, conflicting visuals instantly emerged in his mind.

He exclaims, “It’s so intense!” In order to allow viewers to focus more on Xu Weixiang’s powerful vocals and talent, the MV employs a unique approach in presenting the visuals. Audiences will see only an empty stage with a microphone, leaving them to imagine the appearance of the singer solely through his voice. This “voice-only” design transforms Xu Weixiang into an “invisible” figure, almost disappearing from the MV, but his mysterious presence is subtly captured through visual hints, creating an “eyecatching” effect.

After the release of the MV, it has sparked discussions among netizens, who eagerly comment on which scenes might reveal his presence, and many are impressed by his breakthrough in musical style. Interestingly, in the MV behind-the-scenes footage of “Eyecatching,” Xu Weixiang continues to maintain his “voice-only” status, while director Birdy seems to be engaged in a humorous conversation with the air, fully embodying Xu Weixiang’s “invisible” persona. The behind-the-scenes footage of Xu Weixiang’s “Eyecatching” MV will be available on YouTube on June 12.

For the “Eyecatching” MV, director Birdy, who was previously nominated for Best MV at the 31st Golden Melody Awards, was invited to bring his stylized vision to provide fans with a deeper understanding of Xu Weixiang’s voice. While conceptualizing the MV, Birdy felt that the visuals couldn’t match the wildness of “Eyecatching.” After multiple deliberations and discussions with Sony Music, he decided to take a more extreme approach by incorporating a ceremonial-like lip-sync performance throughout the MV, with a tennis court as the main setting.

Through the perspectives of two journalists providing live coverage, a “deification movement” born from the music is portrayed. In addition to Xu Weixiang’s elusive presence, there are also recurring appearances of a mysterious woman, creating a remarkably eerie and captivating atmosphere. Xu Weixiang himself admits that it’s “a bit scary,” and the director jokingly says, “I was actually afraid of making it into a horror film!” Indeed, some fans have commented that they were scared by the MV, expressing, “Oh my, did anyone see him in the end?

I got scared just watching it on my computer! It’s amazing!” and “It feels like a suspense drama!” The positive reviews continue, as they experience the mysterious and chaotic sensations conveyed by the song’s title, “Eyecatching.” Although Xu Weixiang did not appear in the MV, he did visit the set and thanks the director and actors for their involvement, cooperating with the filming of the behind-the-scenes footage. However, he still only appears through his voice in the footage, making it quite amusing!

The MV also features a surprise appearance by the rising newcomer “Lei Qing,” who was previously nominated for the Golden Melody Awards and Golden Indie Music Awards, playing the role of a drummer. Through the story of the song “Eyecatching,” Xu Weixiang and Lei Qing create a wonderful collaboration, adding another exciting highlight to the MV. “Eyecatching” not only marks Xu Weixiang’s breakthrough in musical style but also portrays his inner struggles.

He states that he has done his best to convey what he wants to express in this song and emphasizes, “I don’t like to directly explain the answers. I hope the listeners can feel it for themselves and experience a different side of me, a more unrestrained and conflicted me, as opposed to the me who sings sentimental songs.”

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